24 thoughts on “May 17, 2017

  1. What is that saying…..
    You can get 2 out of 3:

    A. Good Customer Service
    B. Good Performance of Work Getting Done
    C. Good Attendance

    I think Crystal will be A and C.

    • I thought about arguing, then realized I was A and B, with C issues getting me in trouble when I was a manager.

  2. I have this vision of some animated character in the desert going to take a drink from a pool, obviously marked “Poison Spring, Stay Away!” The buffalo skull on the ground next to him calls out in a hollow voice, “You’ll be SORRRR-yyy”…

    • I agree. She might as well hire crazy hat lady.
      Then again, having a “special” angle on logic might help in retail.

      • Oh wow. I’d love to see Crystal deal with Crazy Hat Lady. That would be a weirdness storm of colossal proportions!

        Of course, Crazy Hat Lady may have been a customer of Pewter & Incense, so maybe they’d be old friends…

  3. Imagine Crystal’s interview with Stuart. Imagine her waiting on customers and telling them their past lives history. It could be amusing… for a while. But not for very long.

  4. This lady would be considered too fluffy and not grounded enough within her own crowd! I don’t know about Norm or any of you guys, but being overly “woo” isn’t exactly a problem I’ve experienced in retail.

    • I work with a lady who is like Crystal. She shows up to work and does her work well, so we ignore when she tells the customers about the mermaid documentary she just watched, and how Jesus told her she needs to put her wishing machine in the sun for a year to bless it. Being a small store in the middle of nowhere may help as well….

      • It also helps that when the wishing machine finally charged up LAST year, she wished to stay in her current job. You can’t argue with Jesus when he’s backed up by the wishing machine. At that point you just nod your head and smile, ’cause you’re outgunned as all hell.

        By all the crazy, mostly.

      • I noticed the eye color problem immediately.

        It’s hard telling how Crystal will work out. I think what drives us crazy is our belief of how things should be. If Crystal is free of any such expectations (like corporate should make sense), she might do just fine. Or, she might crash and burn. It really could go either way.

  5. Better alternative reality lady than a committed jock or “my life is the National Guard”. For some reason jocks and weekend warriors are over committed to unfunny practical jokes.

  6. I say yes to hiring Crystal. We’ve had two instances of the “corporate drone like Stuart” assistant manager and one “cynical but easy-going like Marla” instance. Time for a switch-up! I can picture Crystal getting along particularly well with Lunker, who doesn’t exactly think like anyone else himself, yet we all love him. And who knows? Maybe Crystal will, despite her kookiness, turn out to be good at the job, like Ellie Woods of Legally Blonde or Benjamin Clawhauser of Zootopia.

    • Flawed as Clawhauser was, he was still trying to keep things under control so as not to cause a panic. So I can give him that.

  7. I vote for Crystal as well, she could have some hidden talent that makes things work. I can come across as terribly random and silly yet know when to work my tail off (my randomness can come in handy).

    My first job in high school had a number of Crystal clones, somehow everything ran smoothly. My current job has one as a department AM, we somehow manage to communicate flawlessly and regularly confuse the hell out of our no-nonsense “supervisor”.

  8. I’m the one who usually suggests promoting from within, as I do think there are suitable candidates other than Val (who has already turned down the position countless times).

    Alan from the footwear department, Craig from electronics, maybe Tonya from women’s wear (this character is from over a decade ago; no idea if she still works at Grumbel’s, even).

    While it’s my personal opinion that these characters could feasibly function as Assistant Manager, the fact that they *haven’t* been promoted is a testament to the realism of this comic strip. Even in real life, the retail industry hates promoting existing employees. They almost invariably hire external candidates. I’ve gotta give props to Mr. Feuti for being a believable writer.

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