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  1. I wonder if this responsibility will leave Cooper yearning for more and that he gets inspired to see what he can actually do when applying himself.

    That would be amazing!

    • Perhaps, or perhaps Stuart would end up discouraging Cooper from real responsibility, especially when stepping up only means the guy above you will try his hardest to knock you back down.

    • Cooper could always update his resume.

      He’s worked at Grumbel’s for YEARS. The most recent position he has technically obtained was Assistant Manager.

      So, on his resume, he could write “Grumbel’s – Assistant Manager (200X-2018)” and it wouldn’t be completely wrong. With that much “experience,” he should be able to find managerial work without much problem.

  2. If he wants to do it together to cover everyone’s collective asses fine. If he wants to do it to undermine Cooper then I believe there is one that needs to be covered with his lips.

    • It also should have been discussed when going over Cooper’s duties. He doesn’t have the complete manager’s training and may not have the full power.

      That’s on Stuart. If Cooper doesn’t have all the power, they should have discussed what he can and cannot do. And what to do in certain expected situations. In a store that is closing and loyalty is low, firing someone is going to happen. Someone is going to steal, not just employees.

      Cooper did what he should have done, asked Marla. Since she didn’t suggest contacting Stuart, no one probably knew.

  3. Just think some day there will be a time where Stu has died off and been forgotten and us youngsters will still be alive to enjoy his absence.

    • Stupid people like Stuart dont die off they become managers and CEOS which is why retail is dying. They take huge write offs and bonuses to close stores and tighten belts instead of making the company better, carrying items that peole want to buy, etc.

      Cooper is simply trying to get enough to buy a ring for Val. So he is working both stores. Stuart has probably soured him enough so that when this is over, he will go back to Marlas store, where as stockroom manager, that is All that he needs to be responsible for, his little corner of the world and not a huge store.

      Thanks Stuart!!

  4. What a nice conversation, when Cooper called Stuart Dude, it was the nicest thing he ever said, and this is now the highest praise Stuart has ever given to Cooper.

  5. I was once told this (Just call me next time. I don’t want you handling those situations on your own) by the Loss Prevention person for our district when I fired a person on the spot for conning a register person in cosmetics to reduce a price on an item. Several days later I received a call from the District Manager himself and he said I did the right thing — unlike Stuart. So there are decent DMs out there. Sometimes they’e just hard to find.

  6. I had a wonderful communication/relationship with my district manager, until it came to firing/terminating employees. These companies are so scared that they will be sued by said let go of employee. I always told him and others that we are a right to work state, we can fire them for having the wrong color ear rings in, and there is nothing they can do about it. But for now, its the newer generation running things and if they don’t like what happens they sue, whine or social media things to death.

    • Yeah, it must be so terrible that people actually stand up for themselves now instead of just meekly letting themselves get bulldozed by companies that treat workers terribly.

      • I had a co-manager that was wonderful, great with customers,treated everyone fairly and I knew the store was in good hands when I wasn’t there. She failed to open store on time 1 day, running like 25 minutes late, when i was outta town. My DM called me and told me to fire her and put her in the system as non re -hirable. They then put a asst. manager with me from a store they closed, she had no experience, was a bully, abused her power and it took me 6 months to get her out of my store,after every employee complained to my DM about her. DAMAGE WAS DONE,MY STORE WAS CLOSED DOWN LESS THAN 3 MONTHS AFTERWARDS.

  7. I still think that the whole situation was handled not very good or professionally… Cooper still should have waited until the employees next shift and confront her, not do it over the phone… Without any proof, he cannot claim she is stealing, so checking the video to see if there is anything there would have been the thing to do to make sure if the money was stolen or she was being incompetent… This is a great example on how not to fire anyone…

    • Except he didn’t accuse her of theft. He pointed out that her drawer was short 20 dollars on 3 separate occasions. Either way it’s her responsibility.

      • He did say it to Marla… Either way, firing her over the phone was unprofessional… $60.00 is not really worth it to any one to lose their job for in the long run (If she was stealing)…

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