28 thoughts on “May 18, 2017

  1. Val, at least help her out until she can find someone more suited for the job. She’s filled in for Marla as AM in the past when Stuart was SM. It would be much better this time around. At least temporarily.

    • “Temporarily” has a nasty habit of becoming “until we decide differently” which is way too close to “permanent”.

      • That’s the truth. I’ve seen it happen many times. A person doing something wants to be replaced but reluctantly agrees to keep it up til a replacement is found. But they never bother with it since the first person’s still doing it. You have to give them a deadline and MEAN IT.

    • He’ll be over at Delman’s across the way, dealing with the Malice of Mina. I’m pretty positive that we haven’t seen the last of him, especially with a lot of plot thread possibilities that Norm has laid down (Brice unknowingly blowing off an opportunity for a promotion at a different store; Marla never actually telling Brice about the opportunity; Brice walking into a truly bad situation).

      Brice is a good antagonist for the strip; he’s not a complete villain or a one-note character like Josh was. He’s got an unpopular, naive point of view based on his own experiences, his business school background, and the fact that he wants to make this a career, which puts him in a completely opposite position of everyone working around him. That makes him an interesting character, capable of being seen in a good light at times (like when he believed that Marla’s car really did break down when she skipped the meeting), but still capable of being a donkey butt, either on purpose or by accident.

      I think Norm realized that Brice started to trend toward villain in recent strips, with his increasingly Josh-like attitude toward the other employees, so this storyline may give the character a break and some material on which to grow a bit.

      • Right. Norm has set this up and when he gets around to it (he’s left us hanging before but always follows through) the story will be delightful and every bit worth waiting for. In the meantime we just have to be patient.

    • I’d fucking love if Norm would just shit on all of you bigots by making her an A+ worker.

      All of the alternative lifestyle people I know are in full employment and perform well enough to keep a job. Which is hardly something that can be said about all the bros and jocks and sorostitutes I know.

  2. The voice of experience says… spend a few long weeks, it’s better than grabbing someone who’s obviously not going to work out.

    Or at the very least, keep the help wanted signs up.

  3. I hope Crystal does an amazing job and everyone who looked down upon her for her alternate world view have a nice big plate of crow.

    • I think she will, it’s much too obvious a plot to have her crash and burn. I think her oddness will be a nice contrast to the cynical down to earth types, or those who have their eyes blinded by corporate.

      Besides, just because she seems a little odd to most people, doesn’t mean she’s NOT a shrewd individual, honestly it’s probably more the reverse.

  4. Not sure if this is going to be exploring what it’s like to have a space case for an AM or if Chrystal is going to be like Dethany from On the Fastrack. And I can’t wait to find out which.

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