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    • Marla already did the interview. Note how she only gives him the final candidate. I think Marla has the decision power but Stuart has veto rights.

    • There are companies that require that the hiring/firing be done at the corporate and not the local level. Usually only when the position is management-related or involves handling tons of expensive stuff/money, but not always. I’ve worked for one that did every bit of it’s hiring from corp. headquarters, from the senior vice presidents clear down to the janitorial staff. Don’t/didn’t feel that that was terribly necessary or efficient, but that’s how it went. They WOULD however involve the hire-ee’s direct supervisor/boss people in the decision, so at least they weren’t totally barking mad. However they did not necessarily have the last word, and sometimes people would be crammed in over the objections of their boss/etc.

  1. Tell him as it’s against company policy for him to not conduct the interview, she’ll need that in writing.

    That’ll shut him up, no way is he going to put anything in writing going against company policy. His head would explode 🙂

  2. What is the problem here? Virtually everyone who works in that store is a bit off. Lunker, for example, is really off and it’s not a problem. How can Counter Culture New Age lady possibly be worse than Brice.

    • She used past lives as job experience. That’s…excessively odd.

      I, myself, identify as pagan for my religious affiliations, but I wouldn’t hire that woman. She seemed closer to mentally ill than new age.

      • Even better: Let’s see her with the Crazy Hat Lady (they may well be on the same wavelength), Creepy Guy (will she place a curse?) or even the Sanzen.

    • Assistant manager is a little bit different than being a stock room employee. Which is why the assistant managers of the strip have never been off and have been, in their own way, professional (Marla, Josh, Arthur, and Brice). The competence of Counter Culture New Age Lady is still to be determined, and she’s not exactly the kind of person Stuart will be happy with being in management. The fact that he’s relying on Marla’s judgment (when’s the last time that happened?) makes the risk worse. If Crystal messes up, Marla could be looking for a new job.

      Besides, Lunker typically does not interact with customers because of his job. Crystal will be required to.

    • I disagree. Linker is perfect. Remember he can actually make a small Tardis that’s bigger inside than out. His reality IS reality.

      I suggest that everyone else that’s slightly off. Or in the case of Stuart, way way off.

      Maybe Crystal is closer to Lunker on the reality scale.

  3. Who knows, maybe the stars are aligning and when he meets her for the first time it will be love at first sight since they are soul mates (maybe even from a previous life) 🙂

  4. It’s weird to be that in the economy, with the way it is, she cannot find any decent candidates for FT Management position that presumably comes with benefits. FT jobs are hard to come by… at least in Canada.

    • Probably because “the way it is” actually isn’t.

      This is a very familiar plotline to anybody who does hiring.

    • Because decent candidates get hired by companies that pay decent wages. Companies that refuse to pay decent wages, don’t get decent candidates, or if they do, the people leave in very short order.

  5. Crystal maybe a wackadoo but she has gotta be a good salesmen. Wasn’t she making like a $100 an hour of her voodoo stuff?

  6. Wow! Assistant Manager and ‘her’ in the same conversation without a single rant from Stuart, or even a suggestion of ‘motive’! That shows the true intensity of the ‘New Hampshire situation’

  7. Aww shucks I was looking forward to Stuart interviewing her. But he might have said no way and we wouldn’t get to see her at work in the store. I agree with Mi above, that he didn’t even bat an eye when he heard that it was a female after last time ragging all over Marla that she would choose a woman simply because she was a woman. As much as I have my doubts I hope Crystal works out because otherwise when Stuart meets her or when she screws up, he’ll say, “That’s what happens when I trust your instincts and let you hire someone on your own!”

  8. I’m thinking that Stuart will meet Crystal & think Marla has lost her marbles, refusing to believe that there aren’t any good candidates (like Brice).
    When he’s convinced Marla will run the store to ruin, Crystal will impress him in an unexpected twist.
    When he starts to think that Crystal will work out, she’ll quit – citing ‘negative energy’.

    • Mary,
      Cooper doesn’t want that job. Val doesn’t want that job. There’s no indication whatsoever that anyone currently working at Grumbel’s wants that job

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