24 thoughts on “May 20, 2017

  1. Well now, this could make for an interesting dynamic in the Grumbles family at this location.

    Good or Bad however, should be interesting to see.

      • Nah, it’ll be Crystal-Stuart. She knew him when he was Xiang GAO had a tumultuous love affair traveling the Silk Road. Tragically it was not to be. Perhaps now they will get a second chance but alas, the corporate hierarchy forbids it and to avoid having her heart broken again, Crystal will have to leave Grumbels.

  2. I think that if Marla is able to get past her preconceptions, she’ll find that Crystal is going to be a good addition to the store. Hopefully Coop will pointthis out before Marla goes down the road of being Stuart-lite.

  3. This could work out quite well. Marla can tell Crystal *anything*, and Crystal will just say, “I knew it!” She could be end up being very easy to guide/lead.

  4. Well she won’t be boring. I wonder which direction Norm will take this come Monday. Crystal’s first day or Brice’s first day at Delman’s. It’s been 2 weeks now so it could go either way. With what Stuart said yesterday about the situation in New Hampshire being a nightmare, maybe it’s a good thing for Brice that he didn’t hear about that job opening for SM. He’d have been involved in that nightmare instead of the nightmare he’s fixing to enter at Delman’s. Who’s to say which nightmare is worse?

  5. I think this has the potential to be hilarious if Crystal decides to straight up mess with Marla’s head. Of course she knows who’s calling, everyone has caller ID. And why else would Marla call her back, if not to offer her the job? Marla reached out to her after a year, for cripes sake, and made it clear she had an urgent vacancy to fill.

    What is funny here is that Marla is the one acting nutty as a fruitcake (what? you knew it was me because of your psychic abilities?) but the response is all “oh noes what is that wacky Crystal going to do…”

  6. What would make for an interesting twist is if she’s totally normal as an Assistant Manager, and only acts kooky on her own time.

    Some people are able to keep their professional lives very, very separate.

  7. I think Cooper can screw with her head so easily. I’m anxious to see those two interact…and don’t forget Lunker…she’ll dismiss him as some kind of dimwit, only to learn that he’s much smarter than her. This could be a lot of fun.

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