21 thoughts on “May 21, 2017

  1. My idea of “solving” Rubik\s Cube was to peel off all the stickers (except the middle ones) and replace them on their correct sides.

    • I used to disassemble and reassemble mine. Peeling the stickers works a couple times, but after a few times, you have to start gluing them back on. Then it’s really rather annoying when you remember that some time in the past, you super-glued the stickers back on.

      • That works until you’ve taken it apart so many times that it starts falling apart on its own… not that I’ve ever done that or anything. *whistles innocently*

    • That’s how I solved it as a kid. My folks were so excited that their eight year old could solve a Rubik’s Cube… until I told them how I did it.

  2. I did learn the pattern and could solve the 2×2 and the 3×3. I *almost* solved the 4×4, but finally gave it up as a bad job. Now I’d have to learn it all over again.

    Sounds like Marla’s issues were with Chad Gustafson more than with the cube.

  3. No more than 2 months ago I had a female customer who was totally ticked off at me because we didn’t carry the Rubik’s cube with the instructions in it on how to solve it.

    • I had the 4-separate-block Instant Insanity puzzle, around the same time/age. (same colors as cube) When I finally solved it, I scotch taped it together and wouldn’t let anyone else touch it.

  4. My 10 year old son has a Rubiks Cube and boy was he impressed when he saw it solved on the table the next morning. Of course I told him that I just looked it up online and showed him the solution page. He was still impressed.

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