26 thoughts on “May 22, 2017

  1. Oh, Brice. You poor dumb jerk. I was hoping you’d finally see the light (there were hints!), but no. You drank the kool aid. I kinda want Mina to screw you over so much you beg Marla for second chance, just so she can laugh at you.

    • Unless Crystal works out so badly that Marla, thinking that Bryce has finally learned his lesson, takes him back just to get rid of her.

      • This is part of the reason I hope that Crystal (surprisingly) will work out great. Then Marla will be able to thumb her nose at Brice and say “You made your bed now lie in it!”

    • Beth,
      What were the “hints” Brice would have picked up on?
      I think you’re forgetting that you know more about Mina than you do. Keep in mind that Marla, who is not stupid or naïve, came very very close to hiring Mina but was warned off by I think it was Amber.

      • I meant there were hints he was getting better/starting to doubt Stewart sometimes. Not anything with regard to Mina, sorry!

  2. most likely translation: now I train you to do my job so I can get paid to watch you do my job and yours

    That is how Stewart ran things with Marla most of the time.

  3. It’s not often you get such advance notice of a massive trainwreck about to happen. Gives one time to pop popcorn.

  4. So it’s true. The gates to Hell really are adorned with glittery gold.

    If Mina’s really clever, she’ll have Brice brainwashed into believing he’s moved up. You’d be surprised at how readily some people swallow the corporate ‘rah rah’ swill.

    The then, the vast majority of the people reading this will likely be as jaded as I am, so maybe my viewpoint won’t seem so unreasonable after all.

  5. I guess we know the answer to the question about whether we’d see Crystal’s first day or Brices’s. I wonder if tomorrow we’ll switch to Crystal? Popcorn’s ready to go.

  6. By the end of the week, Brick will be running a register all day, well more than the hour Marla wanted him to do. It’s called karmic retribution and I do hope that this rather dense individual takes it to heart for once.

    • I’m just hoping one of the upcoming strip’s last panel is:
      “And this is your register.”
      As Brice stares in abject confusion.

  7. I can’t wait until she puts Brice on a register. Hopefully, on the very first day. I’m still betting that it won’t take long before Mina’s horns start showing and Brice realizes that he REALLY went to work in hell’s garden.

  8. I would think that he would *need* register time, if only for familiarization of their system. In the future, he would have to be able to help new-hires, if they have a brain-fart moment in the middle of a customer transaction, and need to get un-stuck by any passing floor supervisor.
    Now, if Mina keeps him there “just a little while longer…”, etc…

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