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  1. To be fair, that was far more abrupt and rude than Brice has been shown to be….. yes yes…. embrace the dark side! 🙂

  2. You know, this could be a call from home. Maybe it’s her husband. (who’d marry this witch?) I guess we’re supposed to think it’s someone in the store but maybe not.

  3. The thing he hated about Marla is that she “coddled” employees. In other words: She treated them as human beings rather than robots. Being the opposite of Marla, Mina treats her employees like robots. She kicks them until they work “correctly” and offers zero positive feedback. They aren’t human to her.

    Brick will rue the day he not only ditched the manager that was patient and tolerant of his mistakes but also completely annihilated the bridge with both her and his mentor in the process. So not only is he stuck with someone who will treat him like yesterday’s garbage, he can’t go back! Again, karmic retribution. He got exactly what he deserved for being an immature twit.

    Of course, this is Norm, so Brick might try crying to Stuart, who will mention the New Hampshire store. It may fall back on Marla, because how dare she not tell Brick about the offer even though Stu told her that HE had to! Brick may remember Marla DID try… it’d be interesting if suddenly Brick became more like Marla. Character building experience points!

  4. I think I see what’s happening. Bryce is going to serve under someone who adheres – rigidly – to the attitude he espoused to Marla. He’ll discover just how poisonous it is, because he’s subject to it as well. He will quit Delman’s because working under Mina is sheer hell, and will return to Grumbel’s leaning much more towards Marla’s side of things.

    The main question will be whether Marla – or, more importantly, Stuart – will take him back. I think by then they may well be sick enough of Crystal’s shenanegans to do so.

    • Once word got to Stuart that Brice had jumped ship, he was finished at Grumbels. Even in the unlikely event that Grumbels were to hire him back, he’s ‘suspect’, and his career options will be very limited. Certainly he won’t be sent to manage that store in New Hampshire. He’s bailed out once, he’s fully capable of doing it again – and worse, he headed straight into the waiting arms of Grumbel’s direct competition. In Grumbel’s ‘eyes’, Brice is now a risk. Who knows what sensitive information he’s passed along to their competitor.

  5. xodiac,
    It’s “Brice” not “Bryce”. And to the person who called him “Brick”, his name is not “Brick” either.
    Crystal has not been in place long enough to do anything close to a “shenanigan”.

    • Brick is a nickname resulting from I believe an autocorrect of Bryces name. The person who made the original post liked it and so refers to him as Brick now.

    • The name was a typo on my part. Oops. As for Crystal, though, by the time Brice wants out of Mina’s oversight Crystal WILL HAVE been in place long enough to have had and/or caused some shenannegans.

      • Actually, the correct spelling is “Brick”. As in “Thick As A Brick”. (Thick means dumb in British English, and it’s a Jethro Tull song, too.)

  6. He didn’t take a tour of the store to see how it ran or how the employees seemed to be. I question his intelligence.

  7. Just about every job I’ve had, I’ve found that my bosses’ usual behavior was VERY different from the interview.

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