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    • I am not sure that is empathy so much as a realization that she is treats everyone that way, said everyone soon to include Brice himself.

    • Amen. My last boss was similar in attitude – I never did anything right and never took into consideration priority conflicts. After a particularly nasty encounter, I decided life’s short enough – I didn’t need her shorting mine. I retired.

  1. Funny thing is, Brice is still giving Mina the benefit of the doubt.
    Even though in just two comics there have been more red flags than at a Sovjet Union military parade.

  2. I’m not completely sure because this comic kind of makes antagonists a bit 1 dimensional, but given Mina’s superficial charm, manipulative behavior, lack of empathy and overreaction over imagined slights, I’m thinking that she’s a textbook sociopath.

      • No, sociopath was correct. Mina is very well connected to reality.

        She just doesn’t give a S*** about anyone but herself. In other words, she’s made for corporate America.

        I suspect she’s already plotting her move up to DM. She’s Stewart on steroids.

        • This is the classic “Kiss up, kick down” mentality. It works well in many organizations, but sometimes it can backfire. I’m curious to see if Brice completely turns to the dark side, or is crushed by it, or has an epiphany and becomes a bit more human.

        • I wonder if Bradley is still DM. Remember he’s the guy with the very square face who came to poach Grumbels employees when Delman’s opened at the mall. That’s when Josh interviewed with him but was not offered a job and later said he was. I hope we get to see him coming into the store and meeting Brice and having something interesting to say to Mina.

    • His pants are a different color than his arms, but I’ll admit, it’s close-ish.

      (Granted, I’m about the worst judge of color to ask about this, because, well, I’m colorblind.)

      • You’re totally on the mark here. Tan pants that might be skintone on another character. There’s not a ton of contrast between the two.

        It is a practical outfit for the stockroom – comfortable pants and a dark shirt that won’t show grime. So Delman’s hasn’t totally failed?

        (Unless his shirt started as white, but he hasn’t had a chance to do the laundry. Gross, but I wouldn’t be surprised…)

  3. Maybe this is a dream like Dickens Christmas Carol, of ghost of Christmas yet to come, so mend your ways, Brice???

  4. Poor Gary! He looks as miserable as it’s possible to look. I guess he’s on salary so he has to do all this work by himself and doesn’t have a “Donnie” to help him like Cooper does, much less a “Lunker.” I’d like to know in what way it’s “his own fault” that he has to stay late.

    • It’s not his fault. That’s part of the point. Mina has him so beaten down that she’s convinced him that anything bad in the stockroom is really his fault. Not her fault for failing to keep employees in the stockroom to help him or scheduling someone to help him.

    • Being on salary’s a bad deal.

      At least when you work hourly, the boss doesn’t see you as a source of free overtime to be dipped into whenever reality intrudes on corporate’s grand shimmering plans.

      Being salaried made sense when lifetime employment was a thing, because the tradeoff was that you’d eventually get promoted into a better paycheck.

      Being salaried assumed loyalty on the part of the company.

      Since downhill loyalty’s gone, the hourly concept should rightly be extended uphill.

      If I can’t expect the company to keep me around for three decades, the company shouldn’t expect a significant minority of my work hours to be gratis.

    • It’s his own fault because, if he had gotten everything done during his normal shift, he wouldn’t have to stay late. (Never mind that it may be physically impossible for him to have accomplished that, it’s still his own fault.) (In other words, it’s probably not, Mina’s just an asshole.)

  5. Holy CR*P, but this has ‘abusive relationship’ written all over it.

    Delman’s sounds just like a House of Evil Bees (from the Captain Awkward glossary), viz:

    You watch one of those horror movies [where the characters are in an ominous house], and the sinister voice says, “LEAVE NOW” and the characters are like “What was that? I’m sure it was the cat. Everything’s cool,” and you’re like HOW CAN YOU BE SO STUPID the house actually told you IN WORDS that it didn’t like you and you’re all me and this house, BFF.

    Of course in this particular horror movie, the cabinets open and shut and the sinister voice says “LEAVE NOW MORTAL” and you’re like, sure, okay, I’m out of here, and then blood comes out of the windows and the house says “WAIT I WAS HAVING A BAD DAY” and you walk back in the house and it says “BECAUSE YOU’RE UGLY” and bees come out of the ceiling, and you leave again and the house is like “NOOOOOO WAS IT THE BEES? I FILLED THE BATHTUB WITH FLOWERS” and you get in the bathtub and the house is like “FLOWERS MADE OF DESPAIR HA HA HA.” Abusive relationships: they are this dumb (in retrospect).

  6. Hey, he wanted a boss that doesn’t “coddle” the employees. He got exactly what he wanted. Why is he complaining? Is nothing going to please Brick?

  7. I’m surprised Mina is making Gary work o/t…but how much do you want to bet she’s cooking the books so he doesn’t get paid o/t for staying past the end of his shift. Pretty much everywhere has laws against unpaid o/t, but I wouldn’t put it past Mina to play fast and loose with the rules.

    • The Old Wolf;
      Thank you for posting that link – I’ve never heard of Winston Rowntree before. What a universe that would be! And what a lot of reading!
      BTW, following links is how I’ve found great comics like Retail Comic and Girl Genius and others.

  8. Oh, Bricey Boy.. This is more than red flags..

    It’s the Fricking QI Klaxon sounding off with Warning lights blinking.

    Although, I am liking the idea of Brice doing Manual Labor for once.

  9. Managers like Mina are the natural result of organizational culture that pushes the idea that Leaders Aren’t Born, They’re Made – and then confuses Management and Leadership.

    • Hardly. Conflation of management and leadership is really good for getting people with the logistical but not interpersonal skills for leadership positions in leadership positions, and it can cause problems. That doesn’t describe Mina. She’s just ruthless, and terrifyingly effective.

      The organizational culture that produces that sort of thing is a results focused one that really doesn’t care about the means used for their ends, doesn’t have good work conditions as one of their desired results, and which is too short sighted for long term thinking of more than a fiscal quarter.

  10. Gary probably made the mistake of giving a “stock boy” the day off for something like a funeral. Mina certainly doesn’t have an empathetic bone in her body, and would classify such an action as “Gary’s fault”.

  11. Brice wanted Cooper to stay late to finish a shipment, and had Donnie stay home he next day as extra incentive. But Cooper was having none of that.

  12. I can’t help but notice that Gary has a tag. Does that mean we’ll be seeing more of Brice getting exactly what he wished for?

    • Could be. It’s completely possible that Delman’s will become an alternate universe for Norn’s storytelling.

      • Candy or other impulse junk food can make the difference. Some of those items do poorly at higher temps. I should know I accidentally had a pallet of Easter candy under a heater blower once. >.> Not my fault, honest!

  13. I got a real nasty feeling that Brice is going to hate working at Delmans and beg Stuart for his job back, claiming that he just went over to Delmans to scope out how the competition runs things and gather intel, “To help Grumbel’s run more efficiently”, and Stuart is going to buy into it and force Marla to hire him back.

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