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    • I’ve never seen this happen at any of my jobs. But then I’ve never worked someplace where upward movement was a common thing. (It happened but not regularly.)

    • We had a new store opening up about four hours away from me, across the state line. I applied to be the manager of it. I was an assistant in a local branch, so it would have been a promotion as well as an adventure. They hired a former business owner for the new store, stating I didn’t have enough experience.

      Soon after the interview, my manager took a medical leave, and I became the temporary manager until she returned, estimated time: 3 or 4 months.

      Corporate told me that I had to train the new-store-manager “because you’re good at it.” Um, what? Not good enough to hire, but good enough to train someone? Excuse me!?

      I wasn’t happy, but I did it. Well, at least I tried to do it. The trainee kept doing things her way instead of corporate’s. Every time I pointed out that it “isn’t the way this company does that,” she’d look at me sideways. She challenged me once, saying, “Who do you think is in charge here, you or me? I’m the manager of the new store!” I looked at her, and said, “I’m the manager of THIS store – and you’re my trainee.”

      She quit only three weeks into the training, stating that the company was stupid and that she was going to re-open her business.

      I didn’t miss her or the headaches she brought!

  1. Gee, Mina… lies? INCONCEIVABLE!

    Oh, wait. No, not really.

    You ain’t in Kansas any more, Brice. Run far, run fast, run NOW, before she springs the trap door.

  2. Attitude starts at the top, and hqiz flows downhill. It’s to be expected that the people who stay at Delman’s working for Mina – the ones who haven’t been fired for not being compliant sheep or the ones who who haven’t quit in disgust – would have out looks on life similar to the manager’s. This is going to be an absolute circus for Brice. Any bets on how long he’ll last?

  3. Makes sense. Mina doesn’t want people to fight her, so the people she can’t intimidate are kept at odds with each other so they won’t unite against her.

  4. OMG, there it’s going to be shortage of popcorn for this arc. I’ll be right back. Gotta get to the grocery store,

  5. Sorry Chloe, but you’re ragging on the wrong person. You need to take it up with Mina, but we know how that will go. Guess it’s better to rag on the person who got the job though he had no idea Mina’d promised it to someone else. But maybe you’re better off, I don’t think Brice is going to have an easy time of it at all!

  6. The person who is supposed to train you hates you. That’s going to go well. Want to bet that she will sabotage his training?

      • Something’s coming back to me. There was a time when Marla was expected to train a man who would be manager of a store, and she was disgusted that she had not been given the store, and of course the reason why was that she was a woman. Good enough to train the man but not good enough to do the job. So she sabotaged him you say? I don’t remember that part. Do you have any idea of when this happened so I can go back and find it?

        • Looking at that storyline, no reason was given for Marla not even being interviewed, out side that Jerry might have not thought Marla was ready.. Jerry simply recruited Brent from Delman’s (Stuart was still just manager, and apparently he wasn’t even in on the decision).

          I actually remember feeling sorry for Brent. It wasn’t his fault that he took a job that Marla wanted; he didn’t even know if there were internal candidates (and in the case of Marla, there wasn’t). Marla pretty much sabotaged out of spite and his own obviousness.

          • Sorry…don’t agree. It was an honest question borne out of obliviousness, but there’s nothing unprofessional about that. He’s operating under the perception that Marla knew about the opening but for some reason she didn’t take it. That’s an easy assumption to make, and to be blunt, a question like that ticks you off, you shouldn’t be a manager.

            It was Marla’s reaction that was extremely unprofessional. Which is usually what happens when you act spitefully.

  7. Chloe was never going to get the job. If Mina actually GAVE Chloe the AM job, then she wouldn’t have that carrot to dangle over Chloe’s head anymore.

  8. Hands up, who thinks that Brice is going to ask Chloe for more information, and she’s going to say that Mina told her she was doing the AM work just until a replacement could be hired for *Chloe*.

  9. All right, poll time. Comment if you agree or not: From what we have seen this week, Mina may actually be a WORSE manager than Stuart was.

    • Yes! Stuart is ignorant and a corporate drone, but Mina is malicious and deceitful. I’d rather work for someone who sticks to the handbook 100% of the time with no exceptions over someone who lies, cheats, and intimidates to get ahead in life.

      • Agreed, Stewart at least has a code he operates under so you can understand him and why he does what he does, even if it is stupid. Personally I never really saw him as being that bad a guy, just someone so use to going by the book he is unable to see it any other way. Mina is out for herself and screw anyone or anything in her way, that is a far more dangerous person.

    • I agree. Stuart is mean because he is just “following the rules” set out by corporate. i.e. external factors likely shaped Stuart’s attitude.

      Mina is mean because she is inherently evil. i.e. inherent character flaw.

  10. so this weekend I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in 2 years, since he was fired from the place we both worked at. When he was let go, many were surprised. Turns out, he was being considered for a promotion and someone who’d been at the store longer, that wanted that job, sabotaged him with management, and made something up that got him fired. (he sued and won.) He didn’t give names so dunno which job or person, and the other person may not have gotten the position anyway.

    Point is, you never really know who’s going to stab you in the back until it happens. Brice is lucky to see one potential foe up front.

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