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  1. Reality has been nipping at his rear end all week. Today, it’s taken a huge bite out of it. If Brice hasn’t figured it out yet that he’s been royally screwed, he never will. Could he actually have a thought bubble above his head in the future where he actually misses Marla, Val, and even Cooper?

  2. It almost seems like Delman’s is the anti-Grumbel’s-a world populated by evil versions of Marla,Cooper and the gang(ooh,now there’s an idea for a strip Norm!)

  3. I unfortunately know that feeling that Chloe is having. The school I want to go to for a master’s, requires a letter of recommendation from a professional source. I originally was going to ask my hiring manager to write a letter for me (or at least sign one), but unfortunately, he got dismissed due to the assistant manager basically back stabbing him. So, I reluctantly I asked the AM who was now the SM. She said that she would totally do it but that I would need to add a few more hours so that she got a good idea on how I worked. I basically went from 20 hours to 60 hours so that she could “focus on other duties” (Usually she just went home early). Each week I asked her if she had gotten it done and she kept telling me she had to wait on either the DM or HR. On the final week, she said that she had forgot and that she was now too busy to do it. So basically, I wasted my time helping turn her store around and will probably not be able to get into school because of it. If I learned anything from it, it is to never count on a manager and just plan don’t care about the job

      • That’s why he won’t get into the school he wants. It’s totally annoying to read and basically shows a limitation on their vocabulary!

        • Basically, huh?

          You are correct that he used those two words excessively, but at least he didn’t say ‘like’ three times per sentence.

    • How you worked? That’s totally unnecessary for a recommendation letter for a Master’s Program. Apparently you work for Mina’s sister, that’s totally evil. Sorry that happened to you, but don’t quit. I hope you can find a real human to write you a recommendation.

    • Honestly, if you can contact the hiring manager who was dismissed, see if he’ll write the letter and get the company letter head for him if necessary.

      Your school is not going to contact him directly, and if they do all they’ll be told by the store is “he no longer works here.” They just want the letter for the file.

      • @Panacea

        I really want to. I tried getting his contact info from HR, but they have stonewalled me saying that “it is against company policy to give out personal information on terminated employees”. It is very frustrating that my school requires this letter because every time I ask for a letter from an employer it is like pulling teeth. It is either Since I no longer work with the company I am dead to them or I just get strung along with fake promises that it might happen if I work hard enough.

    • @David, @Dsru Bin, and @Jeffery

      So because I used the word “totally” once and the word “basically” twice as adverbs to clarify a situation I am a bad student and shouldn’t get into school? Yeah, no. For a basic public messaging board like the one we are talking on, common language and tone is fine. If you want act like pretentious bourgeoisie citizens then go somewhere else.

    • I’m sorry! That really sucks!
      (I wasn’t going to comment, but everyone else was focused on the wording and that wasn’t fair)

  4. When I saw the comic panel of Mina’s lie (her last assistant died suddenly) the first thing that ran through my mind was “How in the hec does she think her hire won’t find out the truth?”.

    • We suspend our disbelief. Sort of like soap opera. Oh, Brice. Run, run like the wind back to Grumbles, eat some crow, and then save Marla from whatever crazy this new AM hire carries.

      • Brice has already shown Grumbel’s that he will jump ship for a (perceived) better offer. If he comes back, why wouldn’t he do it again? Very few companies would allow him to return after the way he left.

    • Because Brice wouldn’t find out the truth until too late. Besides, Mina seems to be type that can lie her way out of problems of her own creation.

      • This really shows that Mina is not a linear thinker which IS very much needed to be even a half way decent manager.

    • The answer is Mina doesn’t CARE that Brice would eventually find out. By then, he would have incinerated his career at Grumbles. It suited Mina’s purposes to lie, and she has no capacity for remorse. Now Brice is, to put it in the vernacular, Mina’s bitch. He can’t quit now without completely giving up his status as an Assistant Manager. The next company to hire him most likely won’t be interested in him in that capacity.

      Worse, he’s also Mina’s ‘firewall’ – he is the one in between the hate and discontent of the staff and Mina’s complete indifference. That is not an enviable position, because you cannot win. EVER.

      Even if Grumbel’s, by some extraordinary circumstance, were to take him back, that SM position in New Hampshire is bye-bye. When word that Brice jumped ship reached Stuart, he had to consider other candidates – and seeing as the entire management staff of that store was dismissed, he has to move quickly. Even if the position hasn’t been filled yet, Brice’s candidacy will be red-flagged because he quit to go to the competition.
      Stuart *COULD* probably make it happen, but I’m pretty sure he feels betrayed by Brice right now.

      Things are not looking good for our boy Brice. I actually do feel sorry for him. He actually isn’t that bad of a guy, just a bit sheltered from reality. He’s about to get a bit serving of humble pie, for sure.

  5. I must say, I’m enjoying watching Brice hoist by his own petard.

    I can’t wait to find out how he handles having to work the kind of hours he tried to get out of at Grumbel’s when Mina lets him know he’s working those hours to save on payroll.

  6. I’m going out on a limb here. I think it’s just possible that Brice will go out on break or as he’s leaving one day and run into Stuart. Brice will apologize and beg and Stuart will tell him about that store in New Hampshire. Brice will quit Delman’s and go to New Hampshire. After all as bad as Brice is, Mina is the real villain here so she deserves to be screwed over.
    By the way why on Earth would Chloe want the AM job? She’s known the truth about Mina. Why would she want it?

    • Chloe wants the AM job so that when Delman’s DM finds out how Mina is destroying the store, Mina gets canned and Chloe moves up to SM.

    • Chloe, like Mina, is a usurper. Not only does she want managerial money, she also wants to take over the store. The thing is that Mina did so because she’s a sociopath while Chloe is doing it because Mina is a sociopath. Chloe is sick of it and wants to take her evil manager down. Would not surprise me if the entire team was behind her.

      Why would Grumbel’s rehire a traitor at all, let alone as a manager? Brick made his bed. He has to sleep in it now. Stuart feels very, very betrayed and would just shake his head in disgust.

      • Yeah, but keep in mind that Stuart has a mess in New Hampshire. He might take him back if it solves a problem.

      • Remember that Marla never told Brice about the opportunity in New Hampshire, and that Stuart asked Marla directly if she did when she called to let him know about Brice leaving (and Marla’s answer was a dance-around). If Stuart found out about that, he probably will view it as Marla deceiving an assistant manager she doesn’t like to get rid of him. It’s probably going to come back and bite Marla.

        • Marla tried to tell him, but Brice put up The Hand and refused to listen. I can’t really blame Marla for not telling him after being treated so rudely. It’s his own fault for being so single-minded and unwilling to admit he might be wrong.

          Although you are probably correct about it coming back to bite Marla, since we all know how upper management, Stuart in particular, sees things.

          • Marla did tell Brick that Stuart wanted to talk to him, but the closed-minded spoiled brat vetoed it immediately. Marla was honest in telling Stuart about this, too. Pretty sure Stuart wanted to be the one to tell his star pupil about the promotion, too, so if he blames Marla, she’s going to explode from him passing the buck. Again.

  7. She broke her back showing she could do the job, then gets assigned training some schmuck the store manager brought in from off the street… sounds vaguely familiar.

    • It is a fine example of why I never get involved in office politics or management. yea working the lower rungs stinks in its own way but there is way less backstabbing and stress.

  8. The ultimate irony ending: Brice decides to beg for his Grumbel’s job back. Stuart agrees to take him back, but not in his former AM position. Instead, he gets hired back… as a CASHIER. Didn’t want to work register one hour a day, Brice? Well, now you can do it up to EIGHT. Enjoy!

    • If I were Stuart and Marla I would refuse to hire him back even for that. If he had left gracefully and tried to stay on good terms it would be different but he doused the bridges with kerosene and used a flamethrower on them just for overkill’s sake. An exit like that means a solid “not for rehire” in my view.

    • As was said on before a culture like that goes from the top down. I am willing to bet her boss and that boss’s boss are of a similar ruthless mindset.

      • She is the kind that that back stabs their way to the top, no reason for that to not include her aiming for DM, what’s to say that she wasn’t scamming the DM too. If that DM is clueless as to what is going on, and now by the book but not yet too far gone Brice walks in on his first day and sees what is happening, will he still have enough of a conscience to call the DM and let them know what she is doing and what is going on in the store? From what I’ve seen of Brice, I wouldn’t too
        be surprised if he did.

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