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    • He hasn’t even waited on anyone yet! Now he’s realizing he’s made the biggest mistake of his life and he hasn’t even met one customer!

  1. [comes in with armloads of soda for everyone to share while eating popcorn and hot dogs and more] 😀 The snark is strong with Chloe.

  2. Ahhh the realities of retail. Just because they TRAIN you to advance doesn’t mean that they’ll actually advance you. Every retail place I’ve ever worked at trained inside and then either hired outside for management or made you transfer a ridiculous distance away to advance.

    • It *does* make a certain amount of sense if you consider that a lot of people don’t have an easy time following the orders of someone who once was their equal in the pecking order.

      • This is very true and not limited to retail.

        Many of my nursing students work as CNAs while in school. When they get their RN license and start working, the CNAs who will never go for RN tend to resent the new grad.

        The new grad is sometimes reluctant to take a hard line with these CNAs when she needs to.

        They either work the problem out, or the new RN transfers to another floor.

      • At my non-retail job, this has started to become an issue because after a couple of promotions of employees who were very good as line officers but didn’t do a good job as supervisors, the company started weighing previous experience more heavily than seniority in selecting officers to promote to supervision.

        As a result, a few relatively senior officers (2-4 years experience) who *thought* they were entitled to be next in line did not get promoted, and a couple of relatively new employees (2-4 months experience) got the promotions instead because they had supervisory/management experience at their previous jobs.

        They’ve done a very good job at supervision, more so than their predecessors, but there’s definitely been issues with jealousy as well.

  3. What a great way to bond! Mina lied to both of us, now we can be best buddies! It would be interesting if Brice and Chloe ended up being a couple.

    • Well, right now she’s being sarcastic and snarky. She resents Brice.

      On the other hand, wouldn’t it be interesting if she and Brice, and maybe a few other employees who hate Mina’s guts, worked together to take Mina down?

  4. Sounds like this store is going to be full of angry, resentful employees. Of course it doesn’t make a good impression, when the first thing you do to your new manager is moan and complain about the managers in the store.

  5. Okay, Brice.
    First test of leadership: You’ve been dropped in the middle of a battle with a pocket knife & a trashcan lid – GO!

    • I’m guessing she found out super last-minute she wasn’t getting the promotion – maybe she even JUST find out from Brice, Mina strikes me as the type to let others take the fall – so she didn’t have a chance to apply.

    • hmm… perhaps down the line she will, Marla has someone now but we have yet to see how past lives lady actually does on the job.

    • I’m picturing that when Mina’s previous AM quit, she told Chloe “Hey, would you like to be my new Assistant Manager? I just need you to do your current job plus all this other work until I can hire a replacement for your position.” Cue Mina just making sure that until Brice was officially hired, she didn’t have to do any of the AM duties.

  6. I’m honestly wondering if Mina may have ended up scuppering her own ship here. Because Brice is a guy who goes by the book. And there’s a section in the book that details what to do with a dishonest individual. Especially if Mina is still cooking the books to make her look better.

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