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  1. I’m really hoping she proves decent at the job and just a really amusing personality to bounce off the others. This comic has a lot of straight laces that would probaly make for interesting interactions to a competent worker with alternative beliefs.

    • I hope she does well too. Everyone was so quick to jump on her right away dismissing her because of her beliefs, because she doesn’t have the “right” fairytale worldview.

    • But her belief set is such that there’s a good chance, if she’s a true believer, that she’ll take off on her own accord quickly. That’s a lot of negative energy to deal with, after all.

      • Somehow, I don’t expect Cooper to be impressed with her. That will be fun to watch. I can see him having fun with her quirky beliefs.

        • Do you really think Cooper will mind?

          Think about it…. the comparison is Brice!
          Hes going to be over the moon with someone nice who also likes good-vibes and making people happy.

          Yeah, shes slightly crazy but if she does the job and is nice to everyone, that is all anyone will care about after a while. The slightly crazy is just part of her personality.

        • Yes, break out the cleansing crystals and pyramid shaped incense holders!
          That certainly would be way better than Brick’s nastiness.

  2. Well, she should be fun at least.

    Is Grumbel’s going to let her wear all that to work, though? Seems a bit garish for retail.

    • Other than the 3 hoop earrings she looks ok to me. Managers and Assistant Managers don’t have to wear the boring green (?) shirt everyone else has to wear. I like her outfit with her red hair, it looks great.

      • I don’t know about American stores, but in Australia there are no real rules on ear piercings unless they’ll hinder your work, and I would’ve thought those hoops are probably fine.

  3. I’m conflicted. I really like to see how Crystal works out because I actually like her and hope she does well, but I also really would have liked to stick with Brice for another week.

    • Crystal is positive and upbeat, which will be a pleasant change for the Grumbel’s workers. Which of course means Stuart will give her trouble…

    • I hypothesize it’ll alternate. We’ll get more of Brick at Delman’s next week, then back to Grumbel’s the week after.

      I also am enjoying this continuous story Norm has been telling for two months now. It’s extremely interesting and could end up so many ways.

  4. Oh Marla knows all about the “negative energy” in that place, she’s known about it since before January 1, 2006 when this comic began. Maybe you can do something to improve things Crystal.

  5. I really hope Crystal turns out to be awesome and Marla doesn’t even consider taking Brice back. Sucks for Brice but I’m sure he’ll talk to Stuart at some point and get Marla in trouble while potentially getting that manager position.

  6. I think we’re also waiting on that Sanzen revenge. Could Crystal help with finding out what it is? Could Brice end up back a Grumbles, and our favorite crew fired and working with Marla on her dream job?

  7. I almost wonder if we’re going to see a “meet in the middle” arc here. Crystal shows how bad an assistant manager can really be, while Mina shows how bad a store manager can be. The arc ends with Bryce coming back to Grumbels, and we get the final punchline as Marla tells him he lost the potential store manager position because of his hubris.

    • I can’t see a reformed Brice coming back to Grumble’s – at least not for any length of time. That would deprive the strip of a staff antagonist.

    • Brice and Josh both already demonstrated how bad an assistant manager can be. Crystal’s belief may not be conventional, but if she can handle the work, and not mistreat the employees, she’ll be way better than either of those two jerks ever were.

    • Gypsy isn’t a racial slur in all contexts. It’s only really considered offensive when talking about the Romani people.

      • That’s like saying “N*gg*r isn’t a racial slur in all contexts. It’s only really considered offensive when talking about African-American people.”

        All uses of the word g*psy are derived from its original reference to the Romani. It is a culturally derogatory and racist term – please don’t use it.

        • I don’t think the N word is a valid example for your goal here, because there are publicly known African Americans who see it as a kosher word if it’s said to them by another African American. The guy who started the protests in Mizzou is a prime example, there’s a video of him being called one by an African American woman while eating a huge burger and he doesn’t bat an eyelid. He took offence to an unevidenced incident of being shouted it in passing by a white man in a truck and the campus police doing nothing because it was off campus and he had no evidence.

          In a similar vein, Irish travellers call themselves gypsy, particularly the women as they sell white lavender as good luck charms.

          Medieval insults and curses are either harmless today or not in use altogether. Language shiftslike that.

    • G*psy is a racial slur that was used to describe nomads from India who migrated across Europe and Asia. It is as offensive as calling a Chinese person a ch*nk or a black person a n*gg*r. It’s where we get the word “gyp”, meaning to cheat or rip someone off.

      • Nope-it’s like the Lapps. They refer to themselves as Sami,but Lapp or Lappland is not offensive in itself, in just the same way that ‘gypsy’ isn’t. But speaking from an Irish gypsy family(and one who’s proud of that heritage),thankyou for telling us what we should and should be not offended by.How would we have known that without you there to educate us?

  8. I don’t know. Something just seems “off” with this character. I’m not saying a character like this doesn’t exist in real life, but I’ve personally never seen it, so for me, Crystal represents an end of suspension of disbelief for me.

    I don’t like her at all for that.

  9. No it’s not-nothing wrong with it. Some folks prefer Romany,but if you’re of the Irish kind,then gypsy is who we are-it reflects our heritage.

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