21 thoughts on “May 3, 2017

  1. It is sad in a way, Brice had a chance to actually turn into a decant person who was just a stickler for the rules but he takes the path of being an immature jerk. All because Marla expected him to actually help out the staff rather than lord over them.

    • I still can’t believe all this drama came about because Brice refused to work a cash register for one hour a day. I run an entire store for three hours a shift at my volunteer job and Brice is over there making the big bucks as assistant manager but is still too high and mighty to put in any real work.

      • I think the register thing was just the last straw in what he saw as Marla not running her store the way he felt it should be run. He came from that high end store where it appears everything goes right all the time, and he never understood the fact that Marla had to do the best she could with what she had. It would be like (and we’ve probably all been in this situation before) having a friend who was better off financially than you are, wondering why you can’t afford the things they can. Not understanding why you have to pinch pennies while they fritter their money away and think you should be doing the same. He felt there should be a way for both of them to avoid being on a register but she knew from experience there wasn’t. So to him that meant disrespecting him. Fine. Let him see how Mina runs her store and if she does better (in his eyes) than Marla did. I think he’s in for a rude awakening. But he’s made his bed, now he must lie in it. Doubt he’ll get any sleep though.

        • That’s a good analogy and analysis. I wonder now why Brice ever left his ideal former store. If he had any business prowess he should have been able to realize Marla had no other choice but he seemed willingly blind to it. He would’ve made a bad manager anyway imo.

          • Since he was only a supervisor, I wonder how well he knew his former store and understood why things were the way they were.

  2. I wonder if Cooper heard about the SM opening. If so, that would give him the ammo for a epic payback.

    • If I had that kind of info on someone like Brice, I would wait until they are working at their new job before letting it slip that I heard that the DM was considering Brice for the new SM position and that when he heard about Brice putting in his two weeks notice, the DM went looking elsewhere.

  3. Brice did not sign any contracts with Delman’s about the job and Mina said she needed some one ASAP. He may find the job at Delman’s is not there in two weeks. It would serve Brice right if he ended with no job at all.

    • Most jobs aren’t contracts.

      Generally when you’re told “You’re Hired” and are given the consideration of a two week notice, it’s not an issue, even when they need someone “ASAP”.

      Ever had a job? It can take that long for a background check and what not, anyway. Right now, background checks are running a minimum of 5 days.

  4. For such a stickler to rules, he certainly doesn’t know how to quit professionally.

    (He didn’t even give a letter with his two weeks’ notice)

  5. What did you want Brice? For Cooper to do jumping jacks in joy that you’re leaving? He’s not going to give you the satisfaction.

  6. Anyone else notice how Brice’s head got shorter over his time?

    Also, now apparently his mouth is beside his eyes.

    His time at this store really has turned him into a monster.

  7. Man, what a tool. He was nasty toward the staff and disrespectful toward Marla from Day One.

    Now he’s also gonna express annoyance that they’re happy he’s leaving?

    What a jerk.

  8. There’s a part of me that feels sorry for Brice. He’s obviously bitter about the way things have gone. He expected, may have been lead to believe by multiple levels of management, that his managerial style would yield results. And, at multiple levels he’s been shown its failure time and again.

    He’s put his self-image on it and all the times, he must feel constantly besieged by… well, he won’t admit that it’s reality.

    He’s done everything wrong in response. There’s tragedy, there. Like the greatest tragedies, there is a way for comedy instead, but it was his choice and he made it.

    This is all from afar, of course. In person, he’s a dick.

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