28 thoughts on “May 31, 2017

  1. If Lunker approves, everything will be good…..

    However imagine the look on Brice’s face when he tries to get his old job back and sees, not only who has replaced him, but the fact everyone prefers her AND the store is running as good if not better than before.

      • Marla Garrison, Cooper Costello, but I don’t know Val’s last name or Amber’s, anyone know? There was a thread where Cooper met Val’s father, maybe it was revealed then. Lunker’s “real” name is Mel, Lunker is his preferred nickname.

  2. So… how do they know each other? Are they related? Maybe they knew each other in school? She knows his “real” first name Mel so they must go way back.

  3. I had a weird thought the other day that there would be something between Crystal and Lunker. Not romantically, but that they would either know each other or they would get along great. No, I’m not psychic like Crystal.

  4. Plot twist: next strip shows Marla in a rubber room wearing a straitjacket with a manic look on her face — “I bet Crystal saw this coming!!”

    Seriously, the only one talking about psychic abilities at this point is Marla.

    • Bob, that’s a distinct possibility, though the emotion they’re both showing seems to indicate something a little more personal.

      I guess we’ll find out soon, n’est pas?

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