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    • I think what Marla is saying is “let’s wait and seen what he next AM is like.”

      While it might vary from region to region, the economy hasn’t been that awful. So it might be slim pickings.

      • I’m still wondering if Marla will end up hiring the AM who quit Delman’s to get away from Mina’s BS.


        • We never learned that AM’s name, nor did he have a tag. That’s usually an indicator that he was a one-shot deal.

        • even if he is a candidate all we know about him is that he quit because om Mina’s BS. Who knows if he would ultimately be just as bad as Brice but due to different factors.

      • @Board Worker

        A lot of people have been saying that to me, but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

        I keep getting stuck in the “since you have a bachelors your to over qualified”, “Your history degree isn’t useful to our field”, or ” You need a master and 20+ years of experience to qualify”.

        I really hope getting a masters in business will open a door for me to be able to move out and live on my own without worrying pay check to pay check.

          • That’s one of the most depressing things I’ve read on this site.

        • I hate to say it, but if your grammar is any indication of your education, I can see why you’re having job hunting problems. ‘Your’ versus you’re, ‘to’ versus ‘too’. Nothing turns off an HR resume reader faster than poor grammar.

          • Stationmaster, that was my first thought as well. Bachelor’s Degree? Who wrote the thesis?

          • Now now, some people can be terrible at grammar and still get a degree. I know one such person who is a NYTimes bestselling author but is terrible at spelling. This is why people who realize they have that shortcoming hire people to proofread for them for things that matter, like term papers and resumes.

          • @Stationmaster

            Yeah, I noticed those as soon as I hit the submit button. Also, it didn’t help that it was near 2 am when I wrote that.

            When I was in college I always hired a proof reader for my papers in school since my spelling has always been pretty awful.

      • boardworker,
        The economy may be not that awful, but brick and mortar retail is in big trouble. Retail stores have been protecting their bottom line by cutting staff for the last twenty years. With predictable results. Retail has always been relatively high turn-over, but now it’s a low paid killer. Norm deals with a lot of issues, but he doesn’t deal with workplace injuries, work related illnesses, no sick leave, limited access to health insurance.
        And then there’s the mandated uniform of khaki pants and ugly t-shirts. Nothing more demoralizing.

        • http://retailcomic.com/comics/august-18-2008/
          Cooper’s getting appendicitis was all about how retail workers don’t get health insurance with their jobs as a means of cutting costs. Also, when Stuart and Cooper were talking about Marla being sick with morning sickness back in 2011, Cooper pointed out that he never had sick days and thus doesn’t know how they work.

          The really dumb thing is that the only thing that can keep brick and mortar services afloat in this age is providing something that the Internet can’t, and the only things that they can promise is customer service from another human being and the convenience of being able to take the product when you pay. The thing is, customer service costs money that head offices don’t want to pay anymore because they’re competing with something with less overhead and a global platform.

          An old friend of mine turned up at my store in hardware for training after leaving the game store I knew him to work at. He explained to me that the company had become so obsessed with sales he was basically being told to lie to customers he watched grow up as gamers to squeeze more money out of them, and he couldn’t bring himself to do that.

      • I agree with her on that point, never assume that the replacement will be better. It would be hard to find someone worse than Brice that is still hireable but it could happen so she knows better than to tempt fate.

  1. It’s been tough at my store. We’ve been through 3 assistant managers in the last 18mos. It’s a stressful, thankless position for measly pay. Head Office keeps approaching us supervisors to see if any of us are interested in this ‘opportunity’, but we just say nah, we’re good. Brice may have been a dick, but he did the schedule, handled customer complaints, answered the phone and could run a register. Hey Brice, come work for us. We’d love to have you!

    • Brice *COULD* work a register. The problem was he *WOULDN’T* run the register. He feels he’s ‘too good’ to actually, you know, WORK. Furthermore, he goes out of his way to antagonize the staff with his little misguided witch hunts, nitpicking, and outright accusations.

      Those are not good ways to motivate your employees. Marla at least tries to work with the staff. Brice just wants to be like a drill sergeant.

  2. Our favorite cashier at KFC has been with them over 30 year; she’s been offered the manager’s position “more times than she can count”, and turned it down.

    KFC certainly isn’t Neiman-Marcus, but I have the feeling middle management is brutal all over the world.

    • When I was a kid I’d go to the grocery store with my parents and see “old people” (40s-50s) working the check-outs. I asked my dad why they didn’t have better jobs since they’ve been working there so long. Then 15 years later I could go back and still see them doing the registers. Now I get why they refused promotions all these years.

    • One of the things that just mystifies me is the idea that going into management is a promotion. Yes, better pay, but a completely different skill set. Why someone who is skilled at what they do should be good at management is baffles me. Someone who is good at their job could completely fail when it comes to management skills.

    • Where I work we have multiple levels of mangers, you have the CSM, CSS, front end manager, assistant store manager and store manger (and that leaves out I forget but still) I run a register and while I could go for the job of a CSM or CSS I do not want it. You get all the stress of the higher manger jobs without any of the actual authority that they have. They might get paid more but how much is my sanity worth to me? answer: more than that pay jump.

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