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    • Not entirely true. I live in Canada and work full time in manufacturing and a part time job in retail. I could live off of one job, but i choose to do this to pay off some major renovations on my house.

    • Even then, it’s only to go paycheck to paycheck. It’s no way to live. The cost of living is insane when compared to wages.

      • FYI– owning a house doesn’t mean you’re doing well.. in some places in Canada (i.e where I live) it is cheaper to own a small home in a safe area than to rent a small apartment in a a mediocre area.. I purchased a home because the monthly payments were more affordable than rent, but I still struggle each month.

        • Cheaper here (small town USA) to own as opposed to rent. We were paying $500/month rent on a tiny one bedroom apartment. Now paying $450/month (including tax and insurance) on a 3 bedroom home. It’s not the nicest of homes, but it beats the small apartment.

        • Yep. Fellow Canadian here. Rent rates are horrible where I live, a small house was the only way to go. I get by, but if I was renting I would of been screwed long ago.

  1. If “everyone” has a problem, then the simplest explanation is that YOU are the problem in question.

    Had a friend who had problems realizing it.

    • I wonder when the truth about the job in NH is going to come up. That should be interesting. I don’t want Marla to get in trouble although what she did was pretty damn funny.

  2. I want to see Donny put Brice into a nice Ho Sin Sool joint lock and say, “Brice, if you ever touch me again without my permission, I’ll rip your arm off and shove it down your throat. And that’s before I file a harassment grievance. Are we clear?”

  3. Many times I’ve encountered this idiotic rationalization that Brice exhibits. “I did such and such to teach you – blah, blah, blah”. Nope, you did such and such because you’re a jerk.

  4. To quote Raglan from Justified “If you run into an ahole in the morning you ran into an ahole.If you’re running into aholes all day you’re the ahole.”

      • Even then…yeah there’s bad days but most individual customers you run into aren’t a-holes. I’d say in an 8 hour shift I might get one or two regular jerks (and every so often a raging grade A monster gaping ahole). But most customers weren’t nasty.

        • True, but if in a day you had 99 good customers and 1 bad customer, whom are you going to remember? You’re a much better person than most of us if it’s one of the 99.

          • You always remember the jerks, and rarely the nice people. I can think of only a couple stories from my waitress days of really good people, but many many many of the jerks who came in I swear, for the SOLE PURPOSE of giving me a hard time! LOL!

          • Let go of that 1. Don’t let them control you after they have left.

          • I remember the one jerk, because he’s usually the rat trying to steal things in front of me. I hate when people do that, it insults me on so many levels.

  5. Oh right Brice. Since you’ve been there I’ve barely seen you working at all. All you do is go around harassing the other employees. Donnie’s had to take a second job and you want to talk to him about work ethic? The poor guy probably barely has a life between the two jobs. A bit hypocritical aren’t you?

    • I would be very disappointed in Norm if he didn’t show us working at Delman’s, catering to Mina’s every demand, asking “How high?” whenever she says “Jump!” and cracks the whip at him. And his thought bubble “I had it so much better at Grumbel’s under Marla, I sure wish I hadn’t left.”

    • Mina is a female clone of Stuart. A manager who delegates and expects her assistant to do like wise. Brick will love working for Mina.

      • Just wait. A bunch of people could quit on Mina, leaving her and Brice to man the registers. And Minda would walk out, claiming she had more important work to do – leaving Brice on registers ALL DAY. He might start out enjoying working there but it won’t continue.

      • No, I think Mina is worse. Stuart may be bad, but she is evil. And yes, I do want to see what happens at Delman’s. I’m really hoping that Norm has some stories to tell about working under an evil manager.

  6. too bad he didn’t have to be on cash and deal with any bad customers that want refund on things they don’t sell and very old products.

    • I remember when Marla was so happy she’d made plan and Stuart wouldn’t rag on her for once, when a customer came in with something he’d bought in 1980 with the receipt and she had to give it to him! Something very expensive as I recall. Of course Stuart would blame her for not making plan.

  7. I’m surprised we haven’t seen Zucchini Head show up in the store this week, or at least on a phone call with his boy, Brice.

  8. The only character I could possibly see blurting something out is Amber. She hates Mina and she was the one who told Marla about her deviousness before.

    • Maybe, but: 1) Amber likes Marla; Brice, not so much, and 2) had Marla hired Mina, Amber would have had to deal with her; if Brice leaves to work for Mina, Amber doesn’t have to deal with either one. Win/win!

  9. Brice working for Mina as AM,Josh as the other AM and Courtney recruited for sales….welcome to the team from hell *bwahahahaha*

  10. “There’s no low so low that someone can’t go mo’ low.” Translation: What if Brice’s replacement turns out to be even more of a prig? The guy you’re happy to be rid of today may be a saint compared to the guy who replaces him. People like Mina don’t just appear overnight, and for every Mina, there is, somewhere, someone that makes her look like a rookie.

    What’s that? I’m jaded? Yes. Yes, I am, though I prefer the term ‘experienced’.

  11. Last day at Grumbles, Brice will wonder where everyone is.
    They’re all at a party in the break room.
    “A party? For ME?!” Brice’s eyes mist over….
    Until he finds out it’s a celebration of his departure.

  12. Work ethic? This from the man who did everything he could to avoid putting in extra hours himself while expecting others to put in more than him and take on the extra.

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