17 thoughts on “May 7, 2017

    • Jokes like this happen in any professional environment. A First Sgt and I once Hoffed our captain’s office. “Hoffed” as in, ~50 pics of David Hasselhoff in various poses (most wearing only a speedo) were printed off and then plastered all over his office; on the computer screens, inside picture frames, on and inside cabinet doors, desk drawers, under the plexiglass on the desktop, basically anywhere there was a flat surface. Took the captain a couple days to find them all.

  1. That could get uncomfortable if it’s Marla he surprises. She’s a cool manager and all, but I’d think she’d have something to say about the time spent on that prank.

    • She’d believe him when she said Cooper put him up to it. A fitting slap on the wrist would be for Cooper (being salaried) to make up any tasks Donnie wasn’t getting done while in that box before going home.

  2. To be perfectly honest, if I had my phone or my mp3 player I wouldn’t mind curling up in that box for several hours, especially if I had the permission of my supervisor and got paid for it ;). Joke’s on Coop since now he has to do all the work without Donnie.

    • With any luck, it’s died down some, post Easter/Spring Break-pre Memorial Day/Schools out for Summer when it is typically busier, and can afford some time to have fun like this.

  3. And here I thought Cooper may be AM material… but no, it’s cool that he’s still able to have some fun and that the retail life hasn’t sucked all the fun out of him.
    Nice to see Harris again.
    Donnie just may fall asleep in that box. And get paid for it.

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