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    • Val has been offered the job before and doesn’t want it. Cooper doesn’t want it AND he would never be approved.

    • Val has refused it in the past, but that was before her father cut off her funds. I wouldn’t rule out a change of heart.

      I don’t recall as Cooper has ever refused it – he’s just never been in the running because Stuart would never approve. But right now, Stuart is facing a serious shortage from having to replace all the managers in a store.

      I think either one of them are unlikely because the strip would lack a staff antagonist at the store level. But that doesn’t mean the idea won’t be dangled in front of us.

      • It could be interesting if Val accepts it and then she and Marla get in their first argument ever – over some policy. Or maybe her living situation with Cooper comes out into the open. Marla knows about it but I’m not sure who else does. Stuart doesn’t and we don’t want him to know do we?

  1. I know Val declined previously but maybe ask her again to see. Amber I don’t think will, not sure about Heather though. Donnie is still to new and I don’t know if he would get approved. Lunker wouldn’t take it. I can’t think of anyone else who has recently appeared for the position. Might be new character time.

  2. I got a call for a second interview 3 months after I started a new job. Their first guy didn’t work out. When they told me the location I remembered the awful interview and declined. Throw them out, Marla, they’re too old to be salvageable.

  3. As I recall the last bunch she interviewed were all horrible. That’s how she ended up with Brice. Maybe this time around there will be better choices. Or for conflict’s sake maybe it’s time for the return of the Sanzen (sp?)

    • IIRC, there was one good one – but she got and accepted an offer from someone else during the interview. But yeah, the rest weren’t worth calling back.

  4. She was forced to take Brice when all of these people didn’t work out. I don’t think she ought to be looking through that list at all but ask Val and Amber if they have perhaps changed their minds about taking the job. If not she’ll have to put out an ad or do whatever is done in this situation.

    • Let’s see. Brice told her “Delman’s had an opening for a new assistant.” He didn’t say the former AM quit. Mina told him that the former AM died, (liar). Did Marla know the guy at all? It seems that both stores’ managers and assistants would know what’s going on at the other store though Brice believed Mina’s story about the AM dying. Maybe Marla doesn’t know the guy or anything about him, even his name. But when she puts an ad out that she needs a new AM he may see the ad and apply.

  5. I don’t know why Marla kept those applications.

    I have never ever been called after being told the position was filled but they’d keep my application on file.

    • Most businesses, of all kinds, keep applications for a year. I don’t know if it’s a legal thing. If something doesn’t work out with their first choice – no longer available, declines offer, etc. – they can go back to the original applications. You know they are sorted by desirability, so they then take the next most desirable candidate(s) and call them. Faster, and cheaper, than advertising/searching all over again.

  6. I looked in my crystal ball – OK, it was a cocktail glass – and saw that Brice is not done yet. Stay tuned. When Brice finds out Mina’s modus operandi, he and Marla may reach an understanding. Of sorts.

    Or: Drum roll. Marla dislikes Mina. Mina may do something to really irritate Marla so Marla tells Brice about Stuart’s call and then, on top of that, hires Mina’s not-quite-dead-yet AM.

    So many possibilities. What a fun comic.

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