19 thoughts on “May 9, 2017

  1. And the best people will still find better jobs than Grumbel’s. It may be that the only option will be to offer it to Cooper and Stuart having to accept him. Might be fun.

  2. You’ll have to advertise for a new AM Marla rather than depend on that pile of old applications. Then maybe Mina’s ex-AM will see the ad and apply…

    • That’s what I”m thinking. The hang up would be, per Mina’s thought bubble, that Grumbles pays less. So not only would it be a lateral move, it would also mean a salary cut.

      • In some cases making a little less money (as long as it’s not too much less) is better as there would be fewer headaches and stress. If I were working for Mina and had a chance to work for Marla for less money I’d take it as long as the difference wasn’t too much.

  3. I can actually understand what Carlos is trying to say.

    When I graduated from college, I was looking for work in a relevant field. In the meantime, I grabbed a retail job so that I can at least have *some* money to tide me over.

    In the interim, I have had numerous interviews in the field I was pursuing. A lot of them commented on my then-recent employment at the retailer. I think they didn’t like that I was eager to leave the retail job.

    I spent over 2 years working for this retailer. Towards the end of my impromptu “career,” interviewers started commenting on how I was spending too much time at this retailer, and not enough time obtaining experience in my desired field (note: I was applying for apprentice/entry-level positions, ie. trying to obtain EXPERIENCE).

    So I wasted 2+ years of my life working in retail, and to this day I still don’t have a career in my desired field. I do, however, have a career in a similar field, and I jumped at the opportunity because I just can’t do retail anymore.

    • I had a similar experience with foodservice.

      I was lucky to find a company looking for entry-level position (paid internship) that understood this type of predicament.

  4. How about Cooper moves to AM, Donnie comes back for full time and runs stockroom, Brice comes back begging for job and gets Donnies and cooper tells him to clean washroom

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