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  1. I guess that is a benefit that us retail employees, we know where to find the best clearance stuff. Though on the flip side of that, people will ask you to buy them stuff or to give them a special discount.

    • It’s so incomprehensible to me that complete strangers will do this. And get mad at me for being selfish when I told them that even if I wanted to, doing such a thing would get me fired.

    • I always hated when I was stuck on a register and I would see those amazing markdowns come through my line. I knew darn well by the time I got a break or lunch everything would be long gone.

  2. It is mostly a function of having to staff a store 7 days a week including day and night shifts. No one works Monday through Friday 8 to 4, and no one works the exact opposite of that either. So, you’ve got people all over the place. Where does the company start their week? Is it on Monday or does their week start on Sunday? There are so many variables and some days you need more staff than others. Add in that some are full time and have set schedules and most are part time with perhaps school schedules to contend with or other such obstacles. THEN add in things like holidays and special events, and, it is not hard to figure out why no one has a set schedule nor a set 2 days off in a row!!!!!!!!

    • Actually, amazingly enough, in my last retail job I worked 8-4 Monday – Friday. I walked in looking for a job just before Labor Day about 20 years ago. The manager had just had someone quit who had that schedule and none of her other workers could handle that schedule because they were all about to go back to school.

  3. Got a portable TV for $15, normally $150. Customer returned it ‘because it didn’t work’, but he really just didn’t know how to search for channels. It was just going to get thrown out, so I bought it for 90% off.

    • Ha! I scored on something close to that. I was a high end sound card for audio recording on a computer. It was returned because it was “missing the power supply”. It was USB powered. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Can’t remember what I paid, but it was a “open box defective” I snagged vulture shopping at CompUSA liquidation.

      • Got a power drill for free at the pawn shop. A guy was going to buy it and asked if he could see if it worked, the clerk plugged it in and it the motor came on but the drill didn’t spin. The guy didn’t want it and the clerk knew that he couldn’t sell it so I asked for it. The clerk gave it to me. I took it home, released the drill lock and I had a perfectly good drill.

  4. Bought a VCR real cheap at a major department store a few years ago. Box was marked TSTU. Employee said it was a customer. Asked about TSTU. He looked around – no one nearby, lowered his voice and said ‘Too Stupid To Use’.

  5. I’ve gotten stuff that was brand new at a thrift store, or at least still had the original tags. Other times there was something wrong with it that I could easily fix like a button missing. I’d get it for half off the thrift store price. Funny thing is people will complement an outfit and I’ve said I got it at the thrift store and their nose wrinkles like “You’d never catch ME in one of those places!”

    • I envy people who can cope with thrift store or Ross shopping. I don’t actually enjoy shopping – I want to go in, grab what I need, and get out! Thrift stores frustrate me because you really have to hunt and dig to find what you need and so I generally give up and leave. 🙂

    • Thrift stores are probably the only reason I have any nice clothes. I’m the only one of my friends who shops there regularly, and I’m the best dressed out of all of them with half (or less) the clothing budget.

    • I’m always amused when I get to tell someone that the outfit I’m wearing that they really like was pieced together from Walmart purchases (it’s usually friends and family who think you can’t find anything nice/cute at Walmart) and thrift store finds (again with the “I thought all thrift stores sold stained shoddy stuff nobody wants anymore”). Especially when it’s thrift store things I’ve managed to tweak into nicer items (lengthening a slightly too-short skirt, taking in a puckery shirt, making my daughter’s pirate costume entirely out of 3 T-shirts and a polo shirt, etc.).

    • I’m hard to shop for at 3XLT, so when I found a couple of work shirts for $2 each I snapped them up, despite the personalized name not being mine, nor the company logo. More than once I’ve had complete strangers come up to me and ask if we were hiring.

    • I would probably retort with “And you’d almost never catch ME spending more than $25 on one article of clothing, but I still look great according to you.” I love shopping at Goodwill and thrift stores and being able to leave with three or four entire outfits while only spending $30. The only thing that mildly annoys me is when I find something that I absolutely adore, but it doesn’t fit properly.

    • For 15 years I worked next door to a Venture store (now defunct) which later became a Burlington store. I can’t remember the last time I paid MSRP for name-brand clothes. Love those 80% discounts!

  6. I once got a 300 dollar bike for 20 bucks. I stumbled on it buried in the back. The store hadn’t stood that model for years but because it was still in inventory the system kept pricing it down.

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