11 thoughts on “November 6, 2016

  1. I would still rather work in the back with the holiday shipments then deal with customers who “gotta get it before the holidays start”.

    (Also on an unrelated note even though Cooper is suppose to be disheveled in that last panel, he looks really cute.)

  2. By now both Lunker and Donnie should know how to handle this. If Cooper’s already put in a long day he could assign this to them and then make sure it’s been done right later on. Otherwise don’t worry about it til tomorrow!

  3. Say what you will about Grumble policies and how they handle staff, but I have to give them credit on their delivery team. It used to take me an hour+ to unload a truck to get a shipment that size, they have it done in 1.3 seconds.

  4. Don’t worry Cooper, you’re probably going to be covered by the new federal overtime laws. Just hang in there till next Christmas and you’ll probably start seeing overtime again. Or at least a raise.

  5. That’s a real trick – getting both the trailer doors and the shipping dock door open, from the outside, with the trailer backed against the dock.

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