25 thoughts on “November 7, 2014

  1. Marla has no sympathy for people who are that late. That’s perfectly reasonable because you’re the one inconveniencing her. Sorry lady, but I’m siding with Marla on this one.

    Next time come 20 minutes earlier and don’t embarrass yourself like this. Or do you want to go on The List?

  2. occur to you, stupid, that maybe they have lives and they’d like to go home? Or maybe they’re tired and need to go to bed? Or maybe one of them has a little girl she would like to get home to? Nah I didn’t think so. You think retail workers are all machines so what does it matter if the store is closed, they never get tired! Sure they’ll reopen just so you can browse for an hour!

  3. This password thing is so annoying! I have to copy my comment and keep refreshing the page, then paste it, then copy/paste the idiot password, and it still screws up! I’m not going to comment here anymore until this idiot password thing is gone. The first few words of my comment were, “Did it ever occur to you stupid…”

  4. I can spam the site with comments if you guys want. All of them will say “GET RID OF THIS PASSWORD NONSENSE!!”

    Because it serves no purpose and I am almost to the point of ignoring the idea of commenting here any longer.

  5. I took pity on one of these people and let them in after we had closed the doors once. It was only five minutes past closing, I figured I’d let them grab one thing.

    Bitch took an hour and a half to browse make-up at ten in the god damn evening. The store manager had finished the counts and was waiting on her to finish so he could do the final register. He flicked the damn lights three times before he got the hint.

    Never again.

  6. Why not just call store or mall security and have them handle this? It’s not complicated, the store’s closed and you can’t come in.

  7. Sorry, we let the zombies loose 2 minutes after closing. They’re trained to ignore staff but any customers lingering in the store are automatically targeted.

  8. Once upon a time I was walking up to a store a few minutes before closing time. One of the employees ran up to the door (yes, *ran*) and locked it before I could enter. I was more amused than disappointed, but then, I wasn’t in desperate need of whatever this woman thinks she needs.

    The store closed a few months later, but I don’t think it was because I didn’t buy something there that day. That whole outlet mall is becoming a ghost town.

  9. Phred wrote:
    The store closed a few months later, but I don’t think it was because I didn’t buy something there that day. That whole outlet mall is becoming a ghost town.

    Isn’t that the truth. Malls are becomming obsolete with so much online shopping. About only store that will be left will be clothing where you have to check something fits. Otherwise everything from A to Z is online with overnite delivery if you want….

    Just saying.

  10. These kinds of shoppers behave as though since “they” are the $customer$ they can show up at closing time and will be served because we, the retail drones, have to let them in. Fortunately my managers were very firm when they said sorry, we’re closing; please come back tomorrow. Customers whine we’re so busy; we have so much to do; we don’t have time. Lady, it’s not our problem you can’t organize your time, you can’t set a schedule, you can’t prioritize. We are not some kind of shopping default. I swear the people who get off on making others pay for their lack of control and satisfaction take it out on the service employees. They get crap at their jobs so their recourse is to dish out crappy behavior and attitudes on retail workers, receptionists, and the guy in the produce department.

  11. Dave, that really sucked. An hour and a half just to look at makeup, which is hardly a necessity?! When she knew you were closing?! That customer was appallingly self-centered and ought to be ashamed.

    People just can’t be bothered to think of others or plan ahead anymore. Then they run to the store when it’s closing and beg to be let in because “it’s an emergency”! Sorry, but lack of planning on your part is not an emergency on mine.

  12. I don’t get why you people are having so many problems with the password. Write your comment and THEN copy and paste the password, then post your comment. Works every time for me.

  13. When I lived in Germany, the base exchange would lock the doors 15 minutes prior to closing. Anyone who wasn’t checked out before the closing time was out of luck and would have to come back another day.

  14. The people who do this are passive-aggressive control freaks. I would bet money that they’re late to everything else, too, even though they have no real reason to be. It’s just that they hate anyone – absolutely anyone – telling them what time to be anywhere, ever. So they take their own sweet time about everything they do and everywhere they go, just so they can feel like THEY’RE in control, not you!

  15. If it was really an emergency, then you’d be trying to get inside a hospital, not a store.

    Seriously, I’m expecting some day there to be a strip where a guy’s being taken away by the cops, having clearly smashed the door open because it was after closing, and he’s telling the cops that the real bad guys are over there — nodding at Marla and co.

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