17 thoughts on “October 10, 2015

    • But then you miss out on the joy of guess which of the actors in the video might make an insurance or big pharma commercial ten years after they shoot the store training video!

      I do prefer the security camera shoplifting videos though, it’s amazing what people think they can stuff down their pants and walk out the door with!

  1. YO!, it’s bad to steal
    OK, word, here’s the deal
    Do it to us, just to mention
    You’ll get more than Saturday detention.

    (OK, I stink at rapping, but at least I got in a dated 80s reference).

  2. Maybe corporate uses outdated pop culture references on purpose so the store employees keep talking about the training films long after they watch them.

    • No, I think it’s what happens when management (who is older) attempts to be “hip” and connect to a younger generation.

      And any movie reference that’s current will become dated long before the next training film is done.

      • well in all fairness the “training video” on how to deal with an active shooter at my store (the video was so over acted and overly dramatic it was nearing a parody) was only talked about by the staff because of how stupid it was.

  3. I can imagine all the employee’s reactions now. lol

    If corporate were smart (which obviously they’re not) they would put someone like Cooper in charge of making the video. I’m sure he could come up with one that people would pay attention to.

  4. We had to do role-playing once at a “training” meeting at my call center job. We played the customers the way they really were…LOL…the managers weren’t amused…

      • Theirs actually a very early strip (that can be seen in Norm’s book) where Stuart gets Cooper to RP as a customer to make “added sales.” Cooper acts like a “regular” customer that doesn’t want to be sold anything else, much to Stuarts disgust.

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