18 thoughts on “October 13, 2015

  1. “Oh, but of COURSE you can use me as a reference. I’ll be sure to notify them of your work ethic, and your loyalty to the company you work for…”

  2. This is a perfect example of why the minimum wage shouldn’t be raised, but instead yearly raises should be increased. Too many people are more interested in jumping from job to job and think they should automatically make the same (if not more) than those that have been there for years.

      • I work in a province that started to increase the minimum wage some years back. Unfortunately, my paltry annual pay raise of a few cents would come a month before minimum wage increases and I was always making about 10 cents more than minimum wage each time. It was frustrating to have worked there for 4+ years and watch new hires making almost what I was. Company DID. NOT. CARE. I left just before the 6 year mark.

      • Regardless of how much they made, they’d still jump from job to job if the next job’s pay was the same as they make now.

        Henry Ford proved that – he had to pay above the going rate to keep people.

      • My place of employment just recently raised the minimum wage of sales associates to above minimum wage. And if you can pass a basic test after 90 days, you get a raise. So, the people who spend just enough time at one job to get a discount at that store, doing the bare minimum work, and then quit… they are probably doing that at other stores. I know for a fact that some people join my company during the seasonal hiring to get the discount. Then leave before it gets too hectic. You know. They get trained before Black Friday and quit after they buy Christmas presents. Or stuff for themselves. Some people jump from job to job because they’re dicks, not because they don’t think they’re making enough.

        • That wouldn’t work at our store even if we did Black Friday (actually we do have a 3-day sale that weekend, but it’s nothing to write home about) – the discount doesn’t apply to sale items.

  3. Crazy idea guy then corp will fire them before the end of the year to avoid paying the increases. You can’t rely on a lot of big corporations to do the right thing without being made to by the government that’s why we need a minimum wage increase.

    Down off my soapbox. Actually, Marla should give him a great reference, that will really stick it to Mina. That said I wonder why he thinks it will be better at Delman’s? Large retail chains are pretty much the same when it comes to working conditions. He’s in for a rude awakening.

  4. The funny thing is that his logic isn’t terrible. The seasonal help gets called elves, they know they aren’t going to be around. He’s basically getting the most out of the job that he can before he leaves it. It might not be great, but the fact is he isn’t being a terrible person either.

    • We don’t let new hires get their discount for at least a month (maybe longer, they’ve changed the policy). We hire seasonals late enough that if you waited the thirty days, you’d be quitting fairly late in the season and would have less chance of getting another position (seasonal at least, there’s no saying someone might not be looking for a permanent position).

    • working just long enough to get a paycheck isn’t smart.
      I’m involved in the hiring process at my job. I look at job applicants. So many will list NOTHING in their past job listings. But claim they’ve had 1-5 jobs in the last 5 years. To me, this shows they either quit their last job for a stupid reason, got fired because they’re an idiot, or they quit before they could get more than one paycheck.
      If you can keep a job for more than a few weeks, put it on your job application. Geeze.

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