20 thoughts on “October 15, 2015

    • also if you want a special item or want your store to stock brand X of product Y this is not going to get it. It is possible, a slim chance mind you but still possible, that Marla could order it for the lady or get it to the store. the key in those cases is to be nice so the retail workers actually give a rats tail about it by asking nicely.

      • Extremely slim chance, corporate dose all our ordering and have said that the buyers do not want our input. I only one store that would possibly order stuff and that is HEB.(regional grocer)

  1. Customers actually do this! They hate when you apologize cause they want their thing. So you are basically screwed and they are just rubbing it in.

  2. Hey lady, send an e-mail to corporate. It probably won’t do any good, but it makes a lot more sense than complaining to someone at store level.

    • Not necessarily. The taco sauce I like is much thicker, and has a more vibrant color, and better flavor than the brands I commonly see. It’s easy to find on the West Coast and South West, where it’s very popular, but hard to find in the rest of the country (I’ve lived all over the US).

      It’s OK to talk to a manager about a brand they don’t carry. Sometimes they’ll order it for you, and if other customers like it they’ll carry it on a regular basis. It doesn’t hurt to ask . . . nicely. Which is not what this customer did.

      And honestly, failing that, there’s always Amazon. That’s how I get my favorite taco sauce now.

  3. Good grief, will you look at the length of her chin? It’s longer than the whole rest of her face! She has more to worry about than some dopey brand the store doesn’t carry!

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