23 thoughts on “October 16, 2015

  1. Buying Halloween candy two weeks early is okay, as long as you don’t have to buy more on the 30th because you ate it all.

  2. Been buying Cadbury’s chocolates in bags to fill an old Roses tin from a few years back. Just in case.

    If not, November is choccy month.

  3. If I ever have kids all Holidays will be 1 day later than normal. Oh it’s Easter today? We’ll do Easter tomorrow and you can pick out what ever you want on sale at the store!

    • Pretty much. The last time we gave out candy was after we moved. Where our old place we could have over a hundred kids in the evening with our new place it was 2 or three. At that point we said “screw it” and bought the candy after for our own sweet tooths. 😀

  4. The guy on the far right has been eating so much candy that he sprouted an extra digit. Look at his hand. Thumb, index finger and then four knuckles after it.. that would be six fingers. (Gasp! He’s the real Six-Fingered Man who killed Inigo Montoya’s father!)

  5. I bought my candy just because I was there and it happened to be there as well. I bought two bags, and almost finished off one of them.

  6. The same people who complain about seeing the Halloween set go up in August are the first ones to sneak a bag of candy corn and go giggling like a child all the way to the registers.

    I also like the people that buy up arm loads only to return what they don’t use after the holiday is through.

  7. I bought my candy early because the store had a buy one get one free sale on all their Halloween stuff. Getting the candy half off before the holiday was pretty nice.

  8. What if you start buying the candy 3 weeks in advance so you can have the 5 gallon bucket ready? Or is that too much to have? Haha

  9. I have actually both forgotten and had the only store I could get to run out. Both in one year, and separately in multiple years.

    As far as a “test run”… we don’t get trick-or-treaters, despite (a) having kids ourselves, and (b) living in a cul-de-sac neighborhood with at least 30 kids as neighbors. So anything we buy we get to keep to the household (mwahaha).

  10. There is still bought-after-the-holiday Christmas and Easter candy in my freezer. I’d better get to it on the Christmas candy, so I have room for more come January.

  11. “what if they run out?”

    Don’t we also mock the customers who wait too long, and can’t understand why we ran out?
    What is the magical timing that is neither too early nor too late? And how the heck are customers supposed to predict it?

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