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    • The most heated bit of nerd rage trivia.
      No matter how you pronounce it, if you can’t make the animation loop, then don’t bother sharing.

    • Sorry to disappoint you, Bob, but Donnie is right. 🙂

      “The creators of the format pronounced GIF as ‘jif’ with a soft ‘G’ /ˈdʒɪf/ as in ‘gin’. Steve Wilhite says that the intended pronunciation deliberately echoes the American peanut butter brand, Jif, and CompuServe employees would often say ‘Choosy developers choose GIF’, spoofing this brand’s television commercials.”

      (Though the hard g pronunciation has entered common usage.)

  1. I prefer Mike Rugnatta’s compromise pronunciation: “zhyfe” (rhymes with ‘life’). It’s equally offensive to both sides.

  2. Sorry Coop, but the creater of the .gif format himself said it’s pronounced “jif”. Though he added that either pronunciation is acceptable.

    • The creator of the word has no control of what happens to it once it’s released into the public’s ideolect. It’s pronounced with a hard “g” by almost everyone, and those who pronounce it to sound like peanut butter come across as weird. Those who insist everyone should pronounce it that way come across as douchebags.

      • I’d never heard it pronounced with a hard G until recently. If someone is going to get upset over me pronouncing it like the peanut butter, that’s their problem.

      • I’ve always said it like the peanut butter, and it comes across as weird whenever someone says it the way Cooper does. It always takes me a while to process what they’re talking about.

      • I agree. Jif is fine but it’s too much like the peanutbutter. Besides language evloves. And it’s spelt gif so hard g makes more linguistic sense to most.

  3. Both are right. The creator intended it one way, and a large portion of the populace pronounces it the other way. In the end, as long as everyone understands what is being said, what does it matter?

  4. Creator’s intent does not matter since he does not own the term “.gif”, it is public domain.
    Grammatically, it is GIF since the acronym is Graphics (or Graphical) Interface Format and the g is hard in Graphics (or Graphical)!

  5. Here in the UK Jif was a brand of floor cleaner….
    I think it may have had European owners because it was renamed Cif

    Pronounced “Syph” just what a dirty floor needs a dose of…

  6. I’ve honestly never had to pronounce the word out loud, nor have I heard it from anyone else. In my head it’s always a hard G, but if you want to say it otherwise, be my guest.

  7. I just always went with the modification of the old warning, “Beware Greeks bearing gifts” in reference to the Trojan Horse of “Beware geeks bearing gifs” as my way of pronouncing it, especially since there are computer viruses called Trojan horses. I realize now that the creator of the format has decreed it’s to be pronounced like the peanut butter because “Creative developers choose GIF” but I wouldn’t try and use it to out-nerd anyone.

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