28 thoughts on “October 18, 2015

  1. I once had a friend who would often want to eat out, and would say anything was fine, and then would shoot down every suggestion for one reason or another. Irritating as heck. Either suggest something or let anything mean anything!

  2. Wow, it’s like watching my folks trying to decide, except then the ball goes into MY court, since they can’t decide. So I usually choose pizza. 😉

    • Sounds like my parents and kid sister, one day after work I fixed them though. I was BEAT, as it had been a long day and I was just tired, plus my car was low on fuel. When they hit me with that, I told them to decide amongst themselves, let me know where they were going so I could tell them what I wanted from that place, then went up to my room, turned on my TV, and put my aching feet up…….then may have fallen asleep, that happens on days like that from time to time……..

  3. After years of going through this with my husband we’ve finally settled on taking turns deciding from our list of preferred restaraunts. It seems to work out that way

  4. One of my staff said ‘Surprise Me!’, so I got her a warm Pepsi and a stale bag of chips. Problem solved. Same girl who got asked over two-way ‘was that Tampex or Kotex?’

    • Then he can find his own food.

      If I have some “special need”, then I am responsible for taking care of it.

      Needs of the MANY outweigh the needs of the few (or one), especially when the “needs” of the few (or one) aren’t actually a NEED, but a DECISION MADE BY THE PERSON.

        • Don’t remind me.
          I am surrounded by people with the wierdest eating fads (vegan, fruitarian, raw foodism). And the wildest: Volunteer foodism = only what actually *fell* from the tree or previously died – I immediately shouted “Eat ROADKILL!!” 😀

  5. Typical conversation at our home.
    Me: Where do you to go out to eat?
    Her: Whatever you want, I’m okay.
    Me: Okay, how about ****Mexican Restaurant?
    Her: Nah, not really wanting Mexican tonight.
    Me: How about **** Italian Ristorante?
    Her: Not really.
    Me: How about Red Lobster?
    Her: (Immediately) Yeah, that would be great!
    Me: Why didn’t you say Red Lobster when I first asked?
    Her: Because I wanted it to be YOUR idea.

    Fact is, I’m not that crazy about Red Lobster but wife loves it. We go through stuff like this often until I mention a particular place I know she loves.

    It’s a game. I play along. She’s happy. When wife’s happy, Hubby’s happy.

    • You sure make marriage sound fun. NOT. Perhaps you should stand up to her by growing a pair and saying, “We’ll eat where I decide or we won’t eat out at all.”

  6. Poor Tyler,
    You’ll never know the joy of having the same wonderful person in your life for 31 years. You’ll never know the privilege of enjoying dinner together with that special someone, even if it’s at McDonalds.

    Good luck finding someone that has any self respect that will let you talk to her the way you suggest that I do to my wife. I’m glad my daughter didn’t marry a creep that talked to her like a dog.

    Good luck with your life. You’re really going to need it. Hopefully we won’t see you on the news for domestic violence.

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