15 thoughts on “October 19, 2015

  1. I love when this happens. Especially since it’s usually when the sales goal is the lowest for the week, so the manager schedules as few employees as possible. Then next year the goal is raised incredibly and the management schedules more people…. and no one shows up.

  2. So it is busier than expected but yet you are supposed to schedule more people? If the crowd is unexpected then how can you know to schedule more people?

    • Or they sent people home cause the early morning was dead. And it got busy later. I have been sent home only an hour later get called to come back in. Nope sorry, since I can’t afford the gas.

  3. This happens at my store literally every day (which at that point is totally corporates fault for not allocating our store enough hours for the foot traffic we get) I work in a completely unpredictable location where the sales never match LY (either way up or way down) and the foot traffic NEVER matches the sales (always WAY more foot traffic than sales) it’s also in one of the snootiest malls in the state so of course this is how every customer treats us on a daily basis.

    For all of these reasons our district HR just faught (and won!) to increase starting wage at our location. (Of course if you’ve been there for 4 years, like me, that just means I lose all of my raises and the brand new people are making the same as those of us who have been there for years.)

  4. Customer Standard Time translation: She just walked in the door and walked up to the first employee she saw.

    Also, Casey: That is because your company won’t do the right thing and also increase the pay of the people who’ve been there for years.

    • Right. I worked for Abercrombie for 6 years and even THEY allowed their employees to keep their raises each time minimum wage increased. It sounds shocking, but that was hands down the best company I’ve ever worked for. And corporate was actually honest with its employees.

  5. Customerese: “I want to be helped the second I walk onto the floor, and I want what I’m looking for in exactly the right size and color with no waiting. Now, move your caboose, you insignificant fool!”

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