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  1. Star Wars and Hot Wheels/Matchbox back in those days, the most aggrevating where they guys who were buying them just to resell on a then Fledgling eBay!

  2. This was my exact reaction when I heard about Force Friday. You’re gonna line up at midnight to buy toys for a movie not even out yet? What if you HATE the characters you bought, or the movies themselves? It’s not like there WON’T be toys to buy when the movies are out.

    • I thought that staying up till 12:01 to watch a movie that would be in the theaters for the next month was understandable but silly. Staying up to buy toys is simply beyond silly.

    • Exactly. what if it sucks? Like the scene in the movie Fanboys. One of the characters, I think played by Seth Rogan gets a huge bicep tattoo of JarJar Binks before Episode 1 is released.

      I sensed laser removal treatments in his future. 😉

  3. I like that Cooper is generous enough to let the kids have first pick. It’s really sad when you see a little kid and a grown adult (male or female) fighting over a mass-produced, colorful piece of plastic. It’s different if it’s an adult collectible, but anything intended for children should go to the child first.

    • We’ve been seeing signs of it for a while, in a lot of ways. He’s clearly matured, though he still has that ‘devil-may-care-noone-but-Cooper’ attitude.

      He also has always been somewhat pragmatic.

      I once thought Star Wars was only for kids. When I got a bit older, and began to understand the references and less-appropriate bits my younger brothers didn’t understand, I wondered how it was ok for kids at all.

  4. The prequels were not as bad as people say (well, except for the first hour and a half of episode 2). And I thought Jar Jar was somewhat funny.

    • The biggest problem with the prequels (other than Episode 1 being mostly filler with very little plot), is that most people didn’t understand the storytelling structure that Lucas was using. That over 6 episodes, 1-3 were the fall of Anakin Skywalker and 4-6 are the redemption of Anakin Skywalker, but at the same time the individual trilogies stand alone with 1-3 as the rise of Darth Vader and 4-6 as the rise of Luke Skywalker. I don’t think a lot of people understood the duel storytelling that was happening (and in fairness, Lucas could have done a better job of hashing out how he was going to achieve that duality).

      • Oh, I understood that (thought it was obvious). But too many things just didn’t make sense. Chiefly, Anakin killing the children in 3. Sorry, buf I just don’t see him being *that* far gone at that point.

        Telling the story of his fall was a difficult task, but I would have thought there would more

        • Sorry, hit post button by mistake.

          …of an attempt to make him empathetic. Certainly, there was some, but to me, he came off as a whiny teenager part of the time and mature (if a bit reckless) at others. Kind of confusing.

          I found Jar Jar to be annoying, which didn’t help.

          Was really impressed with the space battle at the beginning of 3, though.


  5. Like something all you want, but don’t let it define you.

    I’ve often thought that the worst fans of any given pop-culture franchise could grind the ragged, off-putting edge off their antics if they heeded the warnings of the liquor companies:

    “Please enjoy responsibly.”

  6. Just do what I’m doing and get the vehicles and save the characters for last. The Black Titanium vehicles are superb for collecting.

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