21 thoughts on “October 22, 2015

  1. He would love where I work. Only my company has warehouse workers stupid enough to make a layer of instant ramen noodles about three trays high, put a dirty CHEP pallet on top, and then put a quarter ton of brown paper bags on top of that.

  2. Three floors worth of product to put away? Oh, that must have been a mistake. We only hired you to work a single aisle and most of that time we expected you to be on your phone texting or goofing off.

  3. Wait. With all the qualified people looking for work, Grumbels has to hire people this worthless even for Christmas help?

    • you remember that strip from some time ago about which temps to keep and which ones are fired? seasonal hiring is actually a rather effective way to sort out the lazy from the ones who will actually work.

  4. This guy will never make it thru Christmas. But won’t the stuff get grouped with other stuff from the floors and taken out together? I’m confused

  5. As small as that box is, he should have no problem putting the product out on three floors. It’s not like Cooper is expecting him to hit all three floors at once, either start and the top and work your way down, or start at the bottom and work your way up.

    • I know! When I would get boxes like that, I’d be thinking “fake break” time! I may not be sitting around on my phone, but it’s an easy walk with a small load. The only problem: there are customers between here and there!

  6. Cooper said exactly what I would have said. Gotta love sarcasm when it’s also the truth.

    If the elf was any kind of retail expert, he’d know to use this as an excuse to take it somewhat easy for a few minutes, get to check his phone, etc. This is an opportunity, kid.

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