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  1. I’ve had other customers mistake me for an employee before*, but never another employee.It’s usually nothing, so I’ll offer to help anyway, but I’ve yet to be asked to assemble a display and get berated for not wearing a name tag.

    (* It’s happened even if I’m wearing something completely different to the employees, like a red polo with black pants at Blue n’ Khaki Electronics. People really are clueless.)

    • Same thing happens to me ALL THE TIME. I admit, I’m not usually so nice about it (not that I’m rude, I just say “I don’t work here” and go about my business) because I lose my train of thought way too easily, plus unobservant people drive me bonkers.

      I once had someone approach me at Target while I was wearing a GREEN shirt. I also had someone approach me while I was browsing at Borders wearing a hoodie over pajamas. *Facepalm* I totally admit to being more rude to that person. I was feeling antisocial as it was, wasn’t in a good mood (ergo shopping in PJs), and I said, “Do I look like an employee?”

  2. I know the feeling of being mistaken for a Target worker thanks to my school uniform being similar, but luckily I knew a specific store well and helped a few customers.

  3. I was in Walmart waiting for them to change my oil when a manager started yelling at me for reading magazines on the clock. When I corrected her, telling her first it’s a book and second that I don’t work there, she called me a liar and got so loud people at the registers started looking over. Now at the time, i was a store trainer for another company and was used to speaking to managers as an equal, so I snapped right back and called her out, not only for being unprofessional but for even thinking that speaking to her workers like that was acceptable. I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt BTW.

    • That’s the kind of manager that deserves to get the boot immediately. The only way to improve this tale is if you had been a regional manager on your day off and had fired this bully’s @$$ immediately.

    • So how did the scenario get resolved? Did she apologize? Did you report her to corporate? I love a good dose of schadenfreude now and then, and bullies like that are a wonderful source.

  4. Wow, Marla’s stressed, considering that all her workers wear GREY polo shirts. At least she didn’t berate her for not wearing a nametag

  5. My staff and I wore black polo shirts with the company logo. But that never stopped someone from coming up to us in, say Wal-Mart, looking at the logo and then asking where something was. Then they come by our store later and say ‘oh! you work here too!’

  6. This is genuinely a funny strip, esp the last panel. Most of these are humorous but every now and then there’s a guffaw moment 🙂

  7. I am a guy who likes to wear dress shirts and this always works to my disadvantage while doing any kind of shopping because almost every time people think that I work there. 🙂 LoL

  8. How’s that for a commentary on the disgraceful state of the modern world?

    You wear nice clothes and people assume you’re being forced to do it as a condition of working some shitty low-level position.

  9. I was at Northern Tool one day and this man mistook me for an employee. I was helping the man when this other man came up and just stood there watching the whole thing. He then said “Do you want a job?” The man was was helping spoke up , “You mean he does not work here” to which the manger replied “No, but he can if he wants to. He knows more than the ones that do.” I told him that I already had a job.

  10. I had a lady come up to me while I was waiting to check out at petco and snottily ask for help. I’m pretty sure she was a regular at target which is where I worked at the time, and I was wearing my target polo. I stared at her, then down at the bag I was holding and very flatly told her I didn’t work there. No apology just a “you look like you do.” I was like “well, I don’t.” And turned away from her.

  11. I’ve almost done this a few times, when the seasonal hires start rolling in you don’t always get a chance to see them before they start a shift and there’s been a strange upsurge in the number of customers wearing red polo shirts in my area.

    I caught myself in time the first time and after that made it a habit to look for the logo and name tag before saying a word. Then if it’s a customer and they catch me looking at them I can play it off as an offer of help and if it’s a co-worker I’m in the clear.

  12. I was working in the mall in my hometown years ago, and I was taking my break, browsing a bin of discounted books in the now defunct Zellers. Their uniforms were some kind of red smock or vest over their regular clothing.

    I was wearing dressy clothing from the boutique I was working at. Sure, I still had my name tag on, but I in no way looked like a Zellers employee.

    Woman comes up to me: “Where are the greeting cards?” “Um, I don’t work here, but they’re over that way”. She makes a point of looking at my name badge, I cover it up and say. “I don’t work HERE, I work somewhere else”.

  13. Just this weekend I was shopping at Michael’s arts and craft store. It’s October in New England so most people have jackets on, but it had gotten warm so I left mine in the car. I had on jeans and a green Star Wars t-shirt as I perused the beading section and a woman demanded that I help her and unlock one of the higher priced items. When I told her I didn’t work there she insisted that I did because I had keys in my hand…and started to get mad. I was holding strings of beads. Fortunately an actual employee, wearing a nice pink smock/vest heard her yelling and came over to offer help. Unfortunately the woman still wouldn’t believe that I didn’t work there even when the employee told her so. I walked away from them and later ran into the same woman in another isle, where she just scoffed at me and stomped pass.

    (Side note, im 35 and was shopping with my husband who also did not have a coat on. This was not a case of “oh a teenager, they must work here)

    • Not sure if it is ok to slap people like that upside the head… But what can they do? Get you fired from the job you dont have?

  14. I’ve had it happen both in and out of clothing that resembled a uniform. Most memorable instance was getting mistaken for a conductor on an Amtrak train because of my blue vest.

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