25 thoughts on “October 24, 2015

  1. Basically. If it’s synthetic ANYTHING, assume it’s not organic, vegan friendly, or even vegetarian free. Hell, anything that pools like blood will probably be made with horse hooves. And we all know that Sea-biscuit and his friends are now glue and Jello.

    • Well, if it’s made from Sea-Biscuit and Co. with plant juice sourced coloring, it would at least still be organic, since there shouldn’t be any petrochemical base to it.

    • “Hell, anything that pools like blood will probably be made with horse hooves.”

      Huh, I wouldn’t have even thought fake blood would be made of any animal parts at all. I thought that was the joke.

    • “Vegetarian free” sounds like a scarily specific label, like that Harmless Coconut Water stuff. Uh, most stuff doesn’t have ground-up vegetarians in it. You felt a specific need to say your product doesn’t?

    • “Free range” was invented by marketing types. There’s no such thing. A more accurate translation of “free range” is “fox food”. (Or coyotes, or bobcats, or whatever predators live in that neighborhood.)

    • Law requires that a chicken must be outside for at least 15 minutes to be called free range. It says nothing about the outside environment. A concrete enclosure for 15 minutes would qualify.

    • In the organic vs inorganic sense, sure. Not if you use any medications of any kind, especially antibiotics or any sort of hormone based treatments. It’s a hard life being Capital “O” Organic.

      • It’s a hard life being Organic when talking about organic vs inorganic natural blood in our bodies? I have a confused about what you mean with that.

  2. They still have Halloween merchandise a week before Halloween? Every place I’ve gone this weekend has switched over to all-Christmas, all the time. If there’s any Halloween left, it’s in one bin at the front of the store.

  3. If you really want organic blood, just take some out of yourself. Unless you have some contraindicating condition, you can afford to lose a pint or so.

    N.B. This advice is not recommended for anyone who is not trained in blood donation techniques.

  4. Is it gluten-free? I’m lactose intolerant, you know, so it has to be soy milk. Does it contain nuts? I’m allergic to hydrogen… that’s right, hydrogen… my water simply cannot contain any hydrogen! I think it’s because I was vaccinated as an infant…

  5. This is actually not such a stupid question. As others have said, it doesn’t have to be real blood to be “organic”, and there are some people who’d rather not apply petrochemicals to themselves.

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