20 thoughts on “October 25, 2015

  1. wow I didn’t figure I would see a studio ghibli reference on this comic.

    encase people are wondering he is a mascot/ character for an anime studio in japan that worked with Disney. ( he shows up in toy story 3 if you look for him)

    • Disney had no creative connection with Studio Ghibli, Totoro, or Spirited Away. They bought distribution rights to many interesting Asian films, which they suppressed.
      After the creator’s death, Disney did a pirated remake of “Kimba the White Lion; it was called “The Lion King”.

      • Well it’s not like Disney took any money away from Kimba the White Lion. If anything remaking it made it more money because the controversy made more people aware of its existence. Is it right, what they did? No. Does anyone really care? No.

      • It’s your opinion that The Lion King was a “pirated remake” of Kimba the White Lion. There are still plenty of differences between the two. Especially story wise, as it is influenced by Hamlet, and the stories of Joseph and Moses.

        Roger Allers, director of The Lion King, has constantly said that while he worked with George Scribner and Linda Woolverton on developing the story early on, neither of them mentioned being familiar with Kimba, nor was he aware of it. Then he co-directed the movie with Rob Minkhoff and the story took on more changes.

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