17 thoughts on “October 27, 2015

    • You are implying that they actually bought gifts, but because they are done with their Christmas shopping can also mean they did not need to buy anything (except for themselves) therefore they were already done.

    • Maybe they had to move far away from family and will be travelling over Christmas. When my family lived in France we visited Mum’s family in England and Dad’s in Northern Ireland.

  1. I have come to completely despise Christmas shopping, I see it as nothing more than a chore like shoveling show. I choose to participate in it because the rest of my family does, but the sooner and faster I can get it done the better. I should add that I live by myself and seldom have visitors, so I don’t even decorate anymore.

  2. I never truly finish my Christmas shopping because I don’t do it as a one big go… no, I do it throughout the year, whenever I see something that would be the perfect gift for someone, I buy it, and it goes in my closet until it is time for Christmas… there really isn’t a sense of urgency because to date I’ve never made it to the end of November with more than one person that I hadn’t already found a gift for… and yes, I have before on the day after Christmas found a gift for someone for the next year (which is why I say it never truly stops).

  3. Or they could be like me; they see things early on, but only have a few people to shop for (parents, sister, brother-in-law, one grandmother, one grandfather).

  4. I tell customers on December 26 that they only have 364 days (365 days on Leap year) left to finish they Christmas shopping.

  5. I could be that lady if I put some effort into it. I only have two people (and some pets!) to buy or make things for. I don’t miss the days when I never finished until Dec. 24. My problem is figuring out what to give someone.

  6. M kid sister will be easy this Christmas, her car is going to need new tires, and being a late model musclecar, they will be large and expensive, so cash ftw!

  7. I know a girl like that. She does all her christmas shopping early and then she spends desember. Spoutting nonsense about the joy of bakingchristmas cookies and decorating the house. When the christmas in july thing spreads to europe she is going to be the first one on it.

    Sure I like chrismas, but I prefer it to last a week instead of 2 months.

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