11 thoughts on “October 31, 2015

  1. I haven’t seen a trick-or-treater in several years in my town. Everyone remembers going out to plunder their neighborhoods for candy on Halloween while they grew up. Now that they’re parents, they decide that going door to door after sunset is “dangerous” for their kids and limit their trick or treating to shopping malls and other local businesses at 2 or 3 in the afternoon. By sunset, Halloween is over and everyone’s back at home. What a stupid new tradition.

  2. When I first moved in to my neighborhood in 1999, I got lots of trick or treaters. Then there were a few years when I didn’t get any as the kids aged out, and now I’m getting more as new families with kids move onto the block. It’s interesting to see it happen.

    • I live near a school so there are a lot of kids in my neighborhood. The street is crawling with kids and parents right now. It’s just like in the movies, like Hocus Pocus. It’s fun to see a real Halloween because I grew up on a busy street on the outskirts of a neighborhood and most of the kids didn’t come up the hill to our house – and I wasn’t allowed to go down the hill into the neighborhood until I was older. The next place I lived the houses were so far apart that most kids didn’t bother. I probably get more trick-or-treaters in one year here than I did in five years in both of those places combined.

      • I spoke too soon. We had three groups, for a total of maybe ten. Looks like my co workers are getting a lot of candy next week…

  3. I got a big bag of “Halloween shape” Utz pretzels to give out as a change of pace from thumb-sized candy bars, then set up a mini-theater on my drive way with my flatscreen, and hooked it up to my laptop after downloading a bunch of old Halloween-appropriate cartoons (“Transylvania 6-5000”, “Lonesome Ghosts”, “Bimbo’s Initiation”, etc) and *finally* figuring out how to set the media player to shuffle. Then it rained just a little bit and even some neighbor’s kids who had just stepped outside their house stepped right back in again. I took everything back inside and, two hours later, got two small groups for a grand total of five candy hand-outs.

    Could be worse… three July the 4th’s ago, I went over the state line, spent half a paycheck on fireworks, then it rained so badly that not only were the town fireworks cancelled, but there was flooding in my neighborhood and we spent the night getting all the furniture up on blocks 🙁

    • Transylvania 6-5000! Arguably the best Bugs Bunny cartoon ever made! At least my favourite … and I know many other people who would agree with me.

      • Actually, I was thinking about the movie with Jeff Goldblum and Ed Begley, Jr.

        And let us not forget Geena Davis as Odette, the nympho vampiress.

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