15 thoughts on “October 6, 2015

  1. It saddens me to say that I really love Coop’s point and that I have, in fact, seen Christmas and Halloween decor on the same isle.

  2. Attn: Shawn, can you recruit me?

    Shawn on September 27, 2015 at 10:53 am said:

    I started a new career in information technologies a couple of years ago after working a retail job for 11 years. There are advantages to retail thati didn’t realize when I was so desperate to get out. I miss meeting and working with so many different people. I like having weekends off but miss having a weekday off because errands are much easier to take care of during the week.

    The attitude that is shown by those customers is totally uncalled for. You never know where you can find talent! I was recruited to my company for a formal employee of mine at my store. I then recruited someone else who was an asm at a store. Me and the guy who recruited me both have been promoted so you really never know….

    • no no, it is “merry blackfridaymas” one thing I hate is the fact that most retailers ignore thanksgiving completely.

  3. For the mall I work at, it was on a store-by-store basis. Walking down the main drag in mid-October, it was like someone had flipped a coin and gone “heads, Halloween; tails, Christmas” to get a random, but fairly even divide. By the end of October it was more like “6 is for Chrismas – on this loaded die.”

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