25 thoughts on “October 9, 2015

  1. It’s amazing how all of a sudden I’m getting these pumpkin spice ads in my emails and different gas station/convinece store apps. Then apparently we’ve had a bad growing year here for pumpkins, so they’ve been talking about how we’ll be good for Halloween carving pumpkins, but the canned filling will be in short supply by Thanksgiving!

    • This has been confusing me – are the commercial cans of pumpkin using the large kind? Because I don’t get why there’s a link between pumpkins for Hallowe’en and pumpkins for pie. I thought that the only reason anyone ate that style of pumpkin was because they’d made a jack o’lantern. They’re not very good. (My mom would never use that for more than half the squash in her pumpkin pie. The other half had to be something tasty).

      • Pie pumpkins and carving pumpkins are different. Pie pumpkins tend to be smaller, more fleshy for their size, and tastier than their larger relatives. The spice thing has definitely gone overboard this year. I like it combined with actual pumpkin, but not everything needs to taste like cloves, cinnamon, and allspice.

  2. A little pumpkin spice is nice this time of year, but lately it seems that EVERYTHING has pumpkin spice scent or flavor in it! Doesn’t fall have any other scents? Please!

    • I forgot where I read it on Reddit, but Pumpkin Spice is starting to dive down in popularity, so the companies are trying to launch new scents in the coming years.

      Make way for Turkey Feather Scents!!

  3. I used to like it, now I’m so over it. Was browsing for candles yesterday and all the new scents were in the Autumn collection, which meant that they all basically smelled like some variation of pumpkin spice. Ended up not buying any candles.

  4. Terrifyingly true; pumpkin really is everywhere. I never understood the obsession, but hey I appear to be in the minority of people who genuinely dislike pumpkin.

    Also, I’m surprised we don’t have Donnie in the background asking “Are you my mummy?”

  5. This pumpkin thing is out of control. Now BK had to go and ruin their Oreo Shakes by putting the pumpkin crap into it. Whoever decided to put pumpkin in everything should have a pumpkin smashed over their head. There are only two pumpkin things I like. – A nice cold slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving with Cool Whip on it and my Mom’s cat. Yeah my Mom’s cat is named Pumpkin. She was named that when we adopted her.

  6. You think this is bad – the Grumbels items aren’t even food! My local grocery store has over 20 different food items in pumpkin or pumpkin spice, including donuts, cakes, cookies, ice cream, pasta sauce (yes really), cream cheese spread, preserves, bread, regular muffins, English muffins, beer, ale, and there’s more that I can’t remember. It’s an invasion!

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