9 thoughts on “September 1, 2015

  1. This story reminds me of ones my brother made up on the spur of the moment. Very believable until the last line. Also my son once convinced his teacher we were taking a 2 week vacation to Hawaii in the middle of the school year.

  2. Do you ever feel like Val is still kinda mean to Amber over her once thinking Cooper was cute? I don’t know, that “No” sounded kinda sharp!

    • I didn’t see it that way–I saw Val having a bit of fun to pass the time. I do that frequently with no malice intended. It also reminds me of a story Frank Muir told on the BBC radio series My Word. He was explaining the origin of a phrase, which sadly I can’t remember, and somehow it involved cooking a Christmas pudding in a ship’s bell. Partway through he paused and said to the chair “You’re looking worried; you think this is true.” And the place where the clapper goes is where you stick the mistletoe.

  3. I always told everyone I invented the way we folded our hoodies ( arms across, bottom hem up, sides in, then folded inside the hood which was tightened and tied like a bow. You could wear it like a football helmet or toss it around like a football and it stayed perfectly intact, but I’m sure someone came up with it before I did.

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