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    • Customer didn’t bother reading the entire text on a sale sign? “False advertising!” Didn’t have an item shown in the ad? “False advertising!”

  1. That’s new, never knew that things like that existed! Not sure how making the shelf look fuller is false advertising though………………………….

    • I never knew that.

      It does give you a false sense of how many are in stock or how well the store is doing, but I don’t really see it as false advertising. The only way I can see it as false advertising is if you wanted buy more towels then they actually had.

  2. We use to have these on our top shelves. Which was a pain because customers never believed that it was a fake out. Especially when we ran out of a certain colors. I would have customers get mad that I would not help get them down. I would tell them what it was, but them would not believe me. Or I would come back from a different department an the foam and cloth would be on the floor from the failed attempt at getting the nice towels on top.

    • that’s what i was wondering; if you have none in the back, how do you explain to the customer that they cannot have the mysterious pile on the top shelf.

  3. And you know, when you go into a bakery, and they have all of these nicely decorated cakes up on the wall…

    They’re Styrofoam!!! You can’t just buy one and eat it!
    You have to wait until they MAKE and decorate a cake for you!!

    FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!!!!111!!!eleven!

    • I work in a bakery, and I had something like this happen, woman tried to SNEAKILY cut herself a slice of one of our display cakes, and then unleashed a tirade of hate when she found they were fakes. Reported us to every manager she could find and screamed we should all be fired.

  4. If a customer is looking for any conceivable excuse to make someone else feel smaller, to ruin someone else’s day, to make themselves feel better by putting someone else down, to pump up their own feeble ego, or simply to get attention, they will most surely find it.

    As miserable as it is is to have to deal with such people, it should be remembered that they have no choice but to live with themselves 24/7, and that they are invariably wretched.

    • When I was a kid, my mom would tell me the exact same thing about kids at school that I hated – just ignore them because they’re the biggest problem in their own lives.

      Great, all well and good – except that people like that are NEVER self-aware enough to have – or be tormented by – an epiphany that IT REALLY IS THEM.

      And regardless of whether or not they’re aware of the problem being them, they’re still bothering you.

      • True but you can at least take comfort from the fact that they’re always miserable. Since they can’t figure out it’s them, and thus under their control, they’ll never get any better either.

  5. At my work, like most fast-food joints, the drive-thru menu boards have to be rotated manually between breakfast and lunch menus. Breakfast ends at noon. I’ve had people accusing me of “False Advertising” for still having our breakfast menu up at 12:05 because we’ve been to busy to get somebody out there to change the boards.

  6. Reminds me of a hurricane once. Some stores actually put out signage on the more higher priced water that calculated the cost of the flat of water, plus all the bottle fees.

    HOLY WEISS, people bitched and moaned so fast about “price gouging” that it got to stupid levels of full baka. I’m willing to bet 97% of these people crying “Price Gouging” didn’t even prepare in the first place, cause virtually all of the “cheap water” was gone by then, and supermarkets were scrambling to grab anything that was left, which included the high price boutique water like Fiji and Voss.

    And I still manage once a week to be behind some idiot that forgets we have bottle deposits for nearly a decade now and moans why they aren’t getting the sale price!!

  7. I found out about those that hard way. I asked about the stack above the color I wanted more of only to find out about tower forms.

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