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    • Craft stores have a good excuse. Crafts take time so if one is making their Christmas gifts they should be starting now so they’ll be done on time. Other stores… not so much. People don’t put up their Christmas decorations this early.

      • My family was always on the poorer side, but doing a bit better these days. When my sister and I were young it was thanks to everything out early that we were able to get the house properly decorated and for each of us to have several great gifts each year. There are familys who can only get lights one week, a Santa figurine the next, and one gift a month, so setting things up now would get the child five or six presents instead of one or two.
        Christmas, these days, are more for the kids than for anyone else. Everything’s out early so those who are less fortunate can have good Christmases as well as those who have the money to have everything in one go. It’s no different than back to school supplies out two months early, or Valentine’s Day stuff out in early January. It’s so everyone can enjoy everything.

        • Two points regarding your post:
          1. Why do people need huge, lavish decorations that need to be re-purchased every year. My grand-parents (grew up during the Depression) only had a 2-foot tall artificial tree that they used every year. No one in the family cared or even noticed. The holiday is about family, not over-the-top “proper[…] decorat[ing]”.
          2. Poor people (and I speak with some authority, having grown up poor) don’t need to wait until Christmas decorations go up to be buying small presents. My mother used to buy toys whenever they were on sale and squirrel them away until Christmas.

          Putting Christmas items out so very early has nothing to do with allowing “those who are less fortunate [to] have good Christmases”, and everything to do with “hey, spend more money so you can impress your neighbors”.

          • Completely agreed with Smith. My family wasn’t exactly well off when I was a kid. My parents would buy Christmas presents throughout the year and hide them away until the tree came out (and sometimes forget where they were hidden, that was always fun, finding them a year or two later). Most of our decorations were hand made by me and my sister (painted/glitter glued cardboard star, painted salt dough baubles, etc.) and those that weren’t were almost all at least 5-10 years old before I was even born. The only thing (apart from replacing stuff if/when it broke) we got new each year was the tree. Because yes, Christmas is about family, not stuff. And even if we had the spare cash to buy a bunch of shiny tat every year, the old, mostly hand made decorations mean so much more anyway.

            Corporations don’t give a rodent’s behind about poorer families being able to afford Christmas stuff. They just want you to buy more of their stock, that’s it.

  1. That customer response is second only in stupidity to the infamous “If it doesn’t scan, it must be free” retort.

    And anyway, what’s so wrong about putting Christmas things out in September? Smart shoppers are doing their checklists now (I know I am) and enjoying it.

    I don’t know, before I worked retail I loved Christmas and would play holiday music during the first cold fall day I saw. After retail, that hasn’t changed. Just a few days ago the local station played a Christmas song while on my commute, and the smile I had was so wide. Made me so happy.

    in short, customers need to understand that stores need money and the holidays make that money.

  2. Stores wouldn’t do anything if there wasn’t a profit. If they truly want no Christmas up early, don’t buy it! I had a customer yell t me once for Christmas items already being on sale whens he had her cart filled with the stuff!

    • Could be she knows if she doesn’t buy it now soon it’ll all be picked over and look terrible. And things like these wreaths Cooper is putting out will get dusty. If it’s out now, it’s best to buy now while they’re fresh and box them up till December.

  3. As Johnny said, craft stores start Christmas in July. If you are making something – a personalized stocking, for instance – it takes time. LOTS of time.

  4. Crafts are one thing. Candy is another. Does anyone actually have the self-control to buy Halloween candy now and put it away for a month and a half? Not me. Any candy I buy doesn’t survive the week. Some doesn’t even make it out of the store, LOL.
    And then there was the year my mother bought our Christmas presents in September, hid them away . . . and couldn’t find them come Christmas morning. She found them just in time for next Christmas. You can outsmart yourself.

  5. It’s ridiculous now

    And it’s been ridiculous in the past

    Just because it’s been going on for years doesn’t make it less ridiculous

    • No, what is ridiculous is the fact that it has been going on for decades, yet the customers always act so shocked and outraged that stores put up Christmas stuff in September. Even more ridiculous is the fact that they always yell at the employee putting the stuff up rather than taking their complaint to Corporate, who actually is in charge and might be able to do something about it (at least, more than the minimum-wage employee doing the stocking can).

  6. We had Christmas stuff on our company website since the 31st August. I’m preparing for the Homeware move that will make space for when it comes into store. It’s only a matter of weeks of not days.

  7. Having the stuff out early is a huge boon for people shopping for military family members who can be stationed all over the world. Shipping takes a long time especially near the holidays.

  8. Hubby and I went to go get some ornaments on December 1st. The shelves were picked clean. We had to go to 4 stores before finally finding some at Dollar General. They wouldn’t put stuff out this early if nobody bought it.

  9. This reminds me, I need to go to Micheals or Hobby Lobby and look for a small Christmas tree before long, want to put on the Jeep Wrangler model I put together last year and keep in my cubicle at work!

  10. Given all the store closings happening this year, putting the decorations out this early at least means the store expects to stay in business thru 26 Dec.

  11. Until I looked closer and saw the pegs on the display I thought that was the backroom grate behind Cooper – I was wondering how in the world a customer got in the back.

    • As it is Cooper’s thoughts in the first two panels should have been a giveaway that he was expecting a customer to come walking by (i.e. he wouldn’t be thinking that in the backroom).

  12. Some stores start receiving their Christmas goods in June, with instructions to store it until after Labor Day.
    And as soon as it goes up, without fail, “Christmas stuff already!?” all the way until after Halloween.

    One year, in the garden center, someone yelled at me (the lowly cashier) for not having fresh Christmas trees available yet. It was August.

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