22 thoughts on “September 11, 2017

  1. Ah, but if it turns out the gaming company actually produced enough for Christmas, and considering how ’tis only September more shipments could easily come in time, the scalpers know it is not a good risk.

  2. And of course he’ll list them on Ebay or Amazon for three times the price because they’re “hard to find.” Yeah, they wouldn’t be hard to find if you didn’t get greedy! Leave some for everyone else, jerk!

    • Nonsense. If he can afford them, he can buy them. It’s no different than the guy/ gal in front of you buying the last one of something that was on sale. You snooze, you lose.

      • I disagree. Saying you snooze you lose is all well and good but it does not count here. If there’s a very limited supply, allowing one person to buy everything is absolutely unfair to the other customers, and just enables the scalpers to make a huge profit at the expense of anyone who doesn’t get there 5 seconds after the store opens.

        • Keep in mind that corporate doesn’t don’t care about being fair to customers. Just about making money. The only reason the “one per” policies exists is to prevent other customers from getting ticked when an item isn’t available. Or when the item is a loss leader. They have no inherent objection to selling out quickly on items that make them a profit..

          And there’s very little in the store that could be considered essential. So it isn’t as though anyone would be really deprived if they couldn’t buy the console. Even if people act as if that was the case.

  3. Capitalism at its best. This is what businesses do, risk taking of their money in hopes of making a profit. Then there’s The Donald who risks others money, then stiffs them.

  4. I got a Switch from one of Gamestop’s bundles. A bit of a rip off, since the charging station was not required, but I have a Switch. This is one time where the ends does justify the means.

  5. That’s the entrepreneurial spirit!
    And before anyone gets on my case about it, you think any retail store doesn’t do the same thing? They mark up EVERYTHING all kinds of ways, and then “mark it down” to look like it’s a sale.
    Don’t bite the entrepreneur’s hand for doing the same thing.

      • If you can hold off on your profanity and buffoonery long enough to logically explain how you think retail works – from the eyes of an entrepreneur who sells things (products, services or ideas) – then maybe you’ll have a case to sneer. If you cannot, then your ignorance of business and fool’s arrogance are enough that I can mock you instead.

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