36 thoughts on “September 12, 2015

  1. i don’t mean to be funny or dumb but the things that have worked since the dawn of time still hold true and not much will change that

    1) Good Quality Goods
    2) At a Fair Price
    3) Good customer service
    4) With plenty of employees readily available to help out!
    5) Clean Store

  2. Anyone taking over/under bets on when this will appear for real?

    This annoys me no end on FB. I make it a point to IGNORE that kind of click bait. But sadly, it probably works.

    • I occasionally read articles/lists that use titles like that because the subject actually intrigues me, but I HATE that headline style. Same with the ones that say something like, “He put this item on top of that item, and five minutes later I’m shocked!” It’s so stupid, because most of the time it doesn’t even follow through on the promise of shock or amazement or whatever.

      One recent list with the example title used in the comic was about actors who died too young, and said “#17 will shock you!” Except that #17 turned out to be one of the ones that everyone knows about, not very shocking. And a good 3-5 of the entries on the list were actors who died past the age of 50, at which point I would say that, while they could’ve lived longer, I don’t think it qualifies for “too young” anymore.

  3. I’ve come to hate those sort of titles. More like 25 dubiously truthful ‘facts’ copy and pasted from WIkipedia that will amuse you for five seconds before you forget about them forever.

    • 25 dubiously truthful facts, each on their own page with a plethora of ads that you’ll have to deal with, before giving up before even getting to #7 because you are so tired of how long it takes to get through even one of those horribly designed pages.

    • Ooooh, I gotta make such a list and publish it on fb!

      “25 things that will amuse you slightly for a few minutes before you forget about them completely”

  4. If I ever chanced to see a clickbait sign like this one in any store, I would spin on my heels and walk out just on general principles. Stuart is so clueless that his stupidity burns with the ardent heat of a thousand suns.

  5. One fact that will make your Facebook experience so much better:

    1) if some stupid list gets on your feed because one of your friends likes our shares it, all you need to do is click the little arrow in the top right hand corner and click the option to block crap from the original page or person posting it(not your friend) and no more crap from that fb page will cutter your feed.

    I haven’t seen a buzz feed post in my fb feed in ages. 🙂

    • One more fun fact, on the mobile app, you may have to click “more” at the bottom of the list options to find the block from feed option.

  6. I think it was going to too many quizzes (those Harry Potter tests get me almost every time) that allowed the DNSLocker virus to hijack my browser. My fault, but, I’m praying there is a special place in hell for the developer of that virus wherein will be playing either the audio and/or video of The Hampster Dance (that’s how it is spelled) on an endless loop for eternity.

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