26 thoughts on “September 12, 2017

  1. I wanted to let everyone know that the other day I was putting out Halloween candy and this young teenager came up and starred at the candy. I figured candy+teenager was a safe bet and made a comment about all the chocolate being a great thing.

    The dude’s face becomes disgusted and he says, “We haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet!”

    Alright kid, not only does Thanksgiving not come before Halloween, but NOTHING comes before Halloween. I should be able to set this candy out in February and you should be thanking me. Wow!

    • In Canada, Thanksgiving is first in calendar line. But on either side of the border, there may be some pushback against the idea of selling the stuff at the end of August.

  2. Customer: “Hello, Grumble’s? Your manager called me a rude name.”
    Corporate: “What did the manager say?”
    Customer: “She called me ‘dude'”.

    • Corporate: “Why is that a problem sir?”

      • You have a point. Apache Helicopters are hot! Er, that is if you don’t mind me saying… and if there is an issue, then I apologize profusely for, er…

  3. “Sorry, our rate sheet for insults are is only 5¢ per insult. 10¢ if you have a Grumble’s card. Delman’s pays out much more, but the manager likes to pretend that they don’t pay out anything at all.”

    • Nice! Tie it to a loyalty card!

      Then the amount of people reporting them will equal the amount that want a loyalty card without being constantly badgered at checkout: Zero!

    • Sadly, this is true. Usually to people who grew up in suburban towns where everyone wasn’t yelling the F-word every 3 seconds.

      Also, it tends to be younger < 30 people.

        • Actually, we have both the older generation with true bigoted rubbish as well as the younger generation with their claims of microaggressions.

          However, yes, it does seem to occur more in the United States where we don’t have true poverty or have experienced actual hardship the same as other nations. Japan still feels the pain of the atomic bomb; Australia is the land where everything is trying to kill you; in some African nations you walk 4 hours in the hopes of being able to work that day a full 12 hour shift without breaks before walking 4 hours back home to sleep.

          • The problem is that America has more lawyers per capita than any other country. This encourages all sorts of lawsuits.
            “One lawyer in a town will starve. Two will both be rich.”

          • actually Frankfurt has more than 100 lawyers per 10k citizens, beating New York with a mere 88.

            Of course D.C. is just out of this world with almost 800.

  4. Special Snowflake got his feelings hurt.

    If it were me, I get mad, then I eventually forget about it. With a bottle of Rum.

      • Now this is what is wrong with America. Not punishing people to the seventh generation of their offspring for the slightest slight. Never you mind the homeless and the poor, someone said a word that sounded cacophonous to me!

  5. He doesn’t say if it’s a Grumbels employee who said it, who if they were off the clock may have had every right. They do have lives off the clock. If it was some random person how does he think Grumbels owes him compensation? Besides that person is long gone and there’s no way to find them. The only thing Marla could do is, if it was a Grumbel’s employee, have this snowflake… I mean customer give their name by their nametag and Marla could promise to speak to them, then forget it. The employee was off the clock.

  6. The real shame is people who want an easy dollar with complete disregard for the repercussions that will ensue as it trickles back down to the employee level and the budget gets cut to compensate.

  7. Try working in hospitality Marla.

    “I had to walk to the store in the rain! What are you going to do for me?”

    “I forgot my phone charger, what do you mean you won’t go get one from lost and found (other people’s property) and give it me so I can take it home?!”

    “I booked the wrong hotel but it’s YOUR FAULT. Gimmie free stuff!”

  8. The proper response is, “Oh really? Well, let me go get my little violin, and then you can tell me all about your First World Problems.”

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