20 thoughts on “September 14, 2015

  1. he probably also thinks that we do something about shoplifters and he probably also thinks that walking up to a manager holding a damaged item he found is going to gain him brownie points like he found something rare!

  2. Oh that poor unfortunate soul
    So sad, so new
    What he thought that might be easy
    Turns to bite him in the rump
    For the Customers come a knockin’
    Do you serve them?
    Yes you do!
    That poor unfortunate soul
    So green, he’ll see
    They complain and agitate
    The very model of sanity
    Do you help them?
    Yes you do!

    I have too much time on my hands…

  3. Reminds me of something I read in Reader’s Digest years ago: A teen was applying for a job. He was asked “What do you do with a irate customer?”. His answer “Treat him just like the last customer.” He got the job. He went home and asked “Mom, what does ‘irate’ mean?”

  4. We’ve been trying to hire people for both sales and back of house, and it’s been slow going. We get all these people who want to stand around fiddling with displays to make them look pretty, and that’s it. Nobody seems to realize it takes a lot of work to run a store, even a medium sized one like mine – a full line department store is even more labor intensive.

  5. Just wait until you have to clean poop off four walls in a bathroom stall. Or you are stuck at the store in a blizzard because no one can get in and your supervisor won’t let you close the store. Or you are called a racist, cussed at, and threatened because you asked for an ID. When you have that dilemma of wanting to call the police but dread the paperwork that corporate will make you do. When it is possible to solicited for drugs and sex in the same night. Then you will realize that the cash register is really not the problem.

  6. Right on schedule. The “Terrible Holiday Help Interviewees” montage begins. (Also a good way to field test new characters for us distinguishing readers.)

  7. I’ve noticed that when people say “I’ve worked with computers my whole life”, they actually mean something like, “I had an Atari when I was a kid, a calculator in high school that I took apart and put back together (with parts left over) and I’ve used them at the public library.”

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