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  1. I don’t give out candy anymore, since I end up eating most of it myself. And that’s not due to me being greedy, it’s that there are far fewer kids now who go door to door, and those that do are just driven by their folks and dropped off at a house, then run back in the car and do it on the next block.

    In the upscale town I moved into 5 years ago, they don’t even have trick or treat. Instead, they have the kids gather in the town square and give them all exactly proportioned baskets of candy that are completely identical and then have them go back home.

    not to be that guy again, but back in the early 80s when I was in my trick-or-treat prime, I remember going out with my friends (And this was from 5-10 years old) and hitting up all the neighbors by ourselves, without anything but those light up plastic green things you snap to create light.

    If anything, these towns are even safer than they were 35 years ago, but what do I know?

    • Carlos, that town square thing sounds utterly boring. The least they could do is set up a party or small carnival so the kids could have a little fun!

      Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, but yes, it has gotten pretty sad nowadays. Kids won’t know the fun to be had dressing up in costumes and going door to door.

    • What a bore. To get a basket with the exact same stuff in it as everyone else. You wouldn’t even have to put on a costume for that. I also remember going with my friends to each house for as long as people were still giving out candy, it was a lot of fun.

    • Negative news sells, and it tends to be sensationalized, over the top exaggerating about nonexistent dangers. Small wonder people are paranoid and afraid when they tune in to it every day.

  2. Only 50 days? OMG! That means…
    (counting on fingers and toes….)
    There’s only 105 days until Christmas!
    I gotta get the lights up.

  3. Statistically speaking, it is safer now than in the eighties or before.

    The high profile cases of bad stuff in the candy (as in razor blades, not as in raisins or tooth paste) tended to be someone who was a family member doing it to the kid, not a stranger.

    However, we’ve gotten away from actually knowing our neighbors. We no longer have our communities where we live, they are worldwide based on similar desires.

    One year, I got 3 trick or treaters total. Last year, the bell rang 5 times for trick or treaters.

    • Last year we got a grand total of ONE group of trick-or-treaters. It was rather sad. I hope the turnout is a little better this year.

      Some years we got lots of trick-or-treaters here. I gave kids with especially clever or pretty costumes (ones that they obviously worked hard on) extra goodies. A good imagination should be encouraged. 🙂

      • Guess it depends on where you live. In my little town, trick-or-treating on Halloween is still a very big deal, and we get a lot of trick-or-treaters. We had a ton of candy last year and went through every bit of it. At the end of the evening we were scrounging the kitchen cabinets for treats for the end-of-the-evening stragglers.

  4. My old neighborhood was the one in town that pretty much everyone went to. We were one of the less popular streets, getting only about 150-200 kids per year. Other areas in the development got more. It was exhausting but fun.

    My current neighborhood, we got 5 groups of kids last year. We were very generous to them because they were trick or treating in an area where so few houses participated at all. Many of our neighbors are seniors, and only a few kids live in the neighborhood, so the low numbers aren’t surprising.

    My kids go with friends to the old neighborhood. It’s much more fun to be in a crowd when trick or treating.

  5. Where I live in Bismarck now, we get no trick-or-treaters at all because they can’t just get into our buildings without getting buzzed in by someone. As much as I love living in a secured building, there is sometimes a downside to it. At my old place, they never realized we were back there. There were five buildings and the front two were businesses and people did not realize that the back three buildings were apartments. Now, those back three are gone and only the front two exist until the new BANK building is done.

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