16 thoughts on “September 16, 2015

  1. Millions of people every day go in to many establishments, school institutions, and even homes of neighbors, friends, and families and they don’t treat any of those people as poorly as they do the people at their local store. WHY!!!!!!

    • Those are their friends and family, the costs of pissing them off are higher than that of one of us, hell corporate would probably give them something if their crying got them far enough!

    • I think that people in bars and restaurants are treated as poorly as retail workers. My feeling is that all “service providers” are treated poorly by the same people – perhaps only 10-20% of the public – but that’s enough to make their lives miserable.

    • Honest question for those who have worked in retail, what percentage of customers are actual @$$hats? Is it really a majority or does it just feel that way because they are much more memorable than the ones that get in and out without causing a disturbance?

  2. This question should be in every interview of working with the public, ever… I don’t care if it’s a call center or working a register….

  3. I don’t work in retail but I do talk to customers on the phone every day. Between them and the computer system, I can relate to this strip!

  4. On the contrary, I think working in retail made me a better person.

    It’s hard to be prejudiced against specific groups of people when you hate ALL of them.

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