15 thoughts on “September 17, 2015

  1. I’d be rather put off by an interviewer who did not even bother reading my résumé.

    Means I got invited just because they need warm bodies, not because the job actually requires any skills.

  2. It may not have been on the resume/application. He may not have wanted them to be contacted. I’m thinking that in addition to the dumpster/one particular address possibilities he may have delivered them to the wrong addresses way too often. So how does that translate here? Clothing to the electronics department? Housewares to jewelry? Interesting possibilities. . .

    • More likely it’d be a case of, “I have a box. I will put it… oh, here. I don’t care what’s in it, and I won’t record any information so people can find it later. Move on to the next box…”

    • This. I’ve heard plenty of first-hand stories of package delivery services (all sorts, too, not just one in particular) with drivers notorious for being too lazy to actually drive down a street, so that street’s packages all ended up at the one house on the corner. And sometimes another street’s packages as well, if the driver was particularly lazy. Not to mention all the drivers who fill out the “Sorry we missed you” slip without even attempting to ring a doorbell.

      • The problem I have is that sometimes they knock or ring the doorbell – ONCE – and then immediately turn around and leave with my stuff. Apparently they believe I’m literally clinging to the inside of the door just waiting for them to arrive so I can yank the door open the moment they appear, and it never occurs to any of them that there might be stairs to walk down or that I might be a couple of rooms away.

        • at my place we have the outside door which is just a metal screen door then a tiny inner walkin porch you know hte kind where you just walk in to dry off scrap mud off your shoes and then go into the house proper well after that just a few feet away is the proper door nice big and wooden that we can hear people knocking on well people will just lightly knock on that outer screen door and no one can hear em anyways cuz its seperated from the main house by a room then they leave a note saying srry we missed you we will try again later.

    • Customers leave things in the wrong departments all the time.

      Now this guy will take care of that, so they can concentrate on leaving half-empty coffee cups everywhere.

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