16 thoughts on “September 18, 2012

    • Not sure. Maybe it’s not his turn as someone else pointed out, or maybe she’s breast feeding… although if that’s the case, since she’s back to work they are either A) expressing milk via a breast pump for use while she’s gone, or B) supplementing with formula. Either way, he could be helping out, so I would assume it’s just not his turn. 🙂

    • Ah, but if they’re anything like my husband, *any* amount of sound from the baby will wake them up and keep them awake. Hubby is a super-light sleeper, and once he’s awake in the morning it takes forever for him to go back to sleep.

      • making the sound and applying it are two different things.

        my daughter said “da-da” first but understood the application of “ma-ma” earlier so it took a bit longer for her to CALL me “da-da” or “daddy” than it did for her to actually make the sound.

  1. Kiwi, that’s probably God’s compromise for having the woman have pain in child-bearing!

    I heard a story of a Mommy who taught the baby to say Dada, and the Daddy taught it to say Mama. I wonder how long it took the kid to sort out what to say to get which parent? 😉

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